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Since 1994 ...Spiritual Pilgrimages
to the world's most important Sacred Sites
to enliven your Body, Mind and Spirit


A Sacred Journey of Initiation
at Ancient Pyramids and Sacred Temples Along the Nile
November 3 - 16, 2013

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Why Travel to Sacred Sites Now & Why With Sacred Sites Journeys

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Our Sacred Sites Journey to EGYPT begins on November 3, 2013.

Our next SSJ to Egypt will be November 2 - 15, 2014.
If you are not already a member of our Enews mailing list and would like to receive it
so that you can obtain up-to-date information about the 2014 pilgrimage,
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IMPORTANT! Safety in Egypt
The situation in Egypt is more stable and it appears it will remain so.
The temporary government, as well as the Egyptian army,
are bringing the situation back to normal.
The activists from the Muslim Brotherhood are being brought under control.
They are no longer protesting.
The banks and the Egyptian stock market are functioning normally.
The Giza Pyramids, as well as the temples in Luxor and Aswan are open,
and our ground operator in Egypt informs that there are
new coaches with tourists coming to the Giza Plateau daily.
The situation on the roads is normal and the streets are less crowded.
All the shops are open for business as usual.
Tours for the winter season are filling without any problems.
Hence, with the situation improving day by day,
there are no reasons not to come with us to Egypt in November!

Here's a few words from Lynn Merrill, one of our long-time Egypt Travelers....

Egypt-AbuGhurob-LynnMerrill-March2010.jpg (10502 bytes)
To all you sacred travelers out there!,
I wanted to write to you all about Egypt. I highly recommend this Sacred Sites Journey.
I've been going there once a year for the last 10 years, and 8 of those trips have been with Andrea and her groups.
Both before the People's Revolution and after, I've never felt unsafe in any way.
We have good people there to keep us safe, as well as a security person who travels with us to all the sites.
The Egyptian people there need our tourism dollars and are more than ever determined to keep us safe.
The land operator is efficient and organized.
The crowds are low so it's a great time to visit. Believe me, I've been there when the crowds were high,
so being able to be at the temples when we're practically the only ones there is a great Gift from Spirit.
In the next few years the new tram that will take you around the Giza Plateau will be done
and you won't be able to do anything but ride around the site.
And unless you have an extra $2500 or so, you won't be able to go into the Great Pyramid.
So NOW is the time to go!
Whether you already feel drawn to Egypt or not, once you are there, you'll find a sense of "home". I can assure you of that!!
Blessings to all! .......Lynn
P.S. If any of you want to talk to me, you can reach me at

So...if you've been dreaming of experiencing the magic and mystery of EGYPT...
NOW is the time!
We hope you will join us in November for the spiritual adventure of a lifetime!

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The November 2013 Sacred Journey of Initiation offers you a unique opportunity to come to Egypt
for a life-altering experience
that will gift you with a huge boost on your spiritual path!

Experience the
divine, mysterious and ancient aspects of this extraordinary civilization,
as we examine various theories about the history and pre-history of Egypt.

You'll experience powerfully transformative energies as you explore and engage the
still palpable energies of the
enigmatic pyramids and sacred temples.

Many of them are very potent energy devices that can assist you to shift to higher levels of
consciousness during this time of the Great Awakening we are experiencing.

Egypt-Neters-Ani.gif (126444 bytes)

During our daily on-site meditations, you'll receive transformative initiations from the Neters
(the Egyptian Gods & Goddesses who are aspects of Nature and your own consciouness).

Be a part of a dynamic group synergy that will propel you
higher frequencies and elevated realms of consciousness!
Engage the potent energies we’ll activate individually and as a group,
experience the paradigm shift of the Great Awakening that is taking place NOW!

Egypt-Ankh1-Ani.gif (11660 bytes) Special Offerings in the GIZA AREA  Egypt-Ankh1-Ani.gif (11660 bytes)

Private Entrance for our Group!
Egypt-GreatPyramid-ResonanceBox.jpg (9992 bytes)
The GREAT PYRAMID for Meditation & Sacred Ceremony

Other Sacred Sites We'll Experience in and near Giza:

Egypt-Sphinx3.jpg (12968 bytes)
Meditation with the timeless energies of the ancient SPHINX, the oldest statue on our planet

Egypt-Dashur-RedPyramid.jpg (5523 bytes)       
Egypt-Sakkara1.jpg (11020 bytes)        Egypt-Serapeum3.jpg (11871 bytes)

Exploration and sacred sound healing experiences at the RED PYRAMID at Dashur
and at
SAKKARA, including the "Hospital", Serapeum and the Tomb of Maya

Egypt-AbuGhurob1.jpg (10601 bytes)
Meditation at the seldom-visited, off-the-beaten path enigmatic site of ABU GHUROB

Egypt-Abusir.jpg (17208 bytes)
Exploration at the Userkaf Temple at ABUSIR

Special Offerings: LUXOR, NILE CRUISE and ASWAN
Egypt-Karnak-Sekhmet.jpg (4267 bytes)
Initiation at SEKHMET'S CHAPEL at KARNAK as a Priest or Priestess of Her ancient healing tradition


Egypt-Karnak-AmunKhonsrMutRamsesII.jpg (21156 bytes)

Initiation at KARNAK TEMPLE into the Mysteries of Amon-Ra and Mut


Egypt-Luxor-LuxorTempleByNight.jpg (11938 bytes)
LUXOR TEMPLE: Explore the Symbolist Theory of the Temple of Man
and the
Third Eye mysteries of this ancient power spot at night under the starry Egyptian sky


Egypt-Luxor-HatshepsutTemple.jpg (9616 bytes)
WEST BANK: Initiation into the Divine Feminine Energies at Hatshepsut's Temple



Egypt-Luxor-ValleyKings.jpg (11908 bytes)
Explore the
Mysteries of Death & Resurrection in the ancient tombs in the Valley of the Kings

Osiris.jpg (11357 bytes)
Initiation into the Mysteries of Osiris at the Temple of Seti I

Egypt-Abydos-Osierion.jpg (9813 bytes)
Includes visit to the ancient pre-dynastic
where you will see the Flower of Life


Egypt-Dendera-Hathor.jpg (7963 bytes)

Initiation into the Greater Mysteries of Hathor


Egypt-Dendera-Crypt-LightBulb.jpg (8470 bytes)     Egypt-Dendera-Zodiac.jpg (21715 bytes)
Includes visit to the Crypt and the Dendera Zodiac


Egypt-Edfu-Horus.jpg (4883 bytes)

Strengthen your Higher Self Connection through an Initiation with Horus at his Temple at EDFU

Egypt-KomOmbo-SobekAndHoaeris.jpg (10471 bytes)
Initiation with Sobek/Haoeris to Balance your Inner Light & Dark at the only dual temple in Egypt at KOM OMBO

Isis.jpg (14289 bytes)

PRIVATE ENTRANCE at the TEMPLE OF ISIS for an Initiation into Her Divine Feminine Mysteries

Egypt-Aswan-TempleOfKhnum.jpg (7883 bytes)
Khnum, the Divine Potter,

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(B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)

Day 1. Sunday, November 3. Depart USA
Depart New York City's JFK Airport on early evening flight to Cairo. In flight overnight.

Day 2. Monday, November 4. Arrive Egypt
Arrive Cairo at noon, local time. Obtain your Egypt Tourist Visa (Details to be provided).
Clear Immigration and meet SSJ's local tour representative in the baggage claim area.
Claim your luggage, clear Customs and depart the terminal.
Private group transfer in air-conditioned motorcoach to hotel in Giza. Check in. Free time to rest and relax.
Lunch and dinner on your own.
Overnight Giza. Oasis Hotel.

Day 2. Monday, November 4. Arrive Egypt.
Please book your airfare to arrive in Egypt today.

Sacred Sites Journeys can arrange a meet/greet upon your arrival at Cairo International Airport, and transfer in a private air-conditioned car to the hotel.
We can also arrange a private transfer to the airport at the end of the journey.
Once you have registered and yourr international airfare is booked,  we can give you a quote for these additional services.

Transfer to hotel in Giza. Check in. Free time to rest and relax.
Lunch and dinner on your own.
Overnight Giza. Oasis Hotel.

Day 3. Tuesday, November 5. Giza Plateau (B/L/D)
AM: Group meeting at the hotel
Giza Plateau: Valley Temple of Khafre, the Sphinx and explore on the Giza Plateau in the area of the Great Pyramid
Lunch with the group at a local restaurant.
PM: Visit to Aromatherapist, Indigenous Healer and Psychic
Return to hotel. Welcome Dinner.
Overnight Giza. Oasis Hotel.

Day 4. Wednesday, November 6. Dashur and Sakkara (B/L)
AM: Entrance into the Red Pyramid at Dashur for meditation
Lunch with the group at a local restaurant.
PM: Sakkara, including the Serapeum and the Tomb of Maya
Carpet school.
Return to the hotel. Dinner on your own.
Overnight Giza. Oasis Hotel.

Day 5. Thursday, November 7. Free Time; Cairo Museum (B/L)
AM: Free Time
PM: Lunch with the group at a downtown restaurant.
Cairo Museum, including the treasures of King Tut. (Mummy Room optional)
Return to hotel. Optional Sharing Circle. Dinner on your own.
Overnight Giza. Oasis Hotel.

Day 6. Friday, November 8. Optional Tour: Abu Simbel; To Aswan: Embark Cruise; Elephantine Island; Felucca Ride;
Optional Tour: Sound & Light Show at Temple of Isis (B/L/D)
AM: Check out of hotel. Transfer to airport for later morning flight to Aswan. Arrive and claim luggage.
AM: Optional Tour to Abu Simbel, including roundtrip flight from Aswan accompanied by our Egyptologist
AM: Transfer to Cruise Ship. Check in. Free time or visit the marketplace/souk.
Return to cruise ship. Lunch onboard.
PM: Visit to Elephantine Island - Khnum Initiation
Felucca Ride at sunset.
Return to cruise ship. Dinner onboard.
Optional Tour: Sound and Light Show at Temple of Isis
Overnight Cruise Ship.

Day 7. Saturday, November 9. Nile Cruise: Temple of Isis; Kom Ombo Temple (B/L/D)
AM: PRIVATE ENTRANCE to Temples at Philae/Agilkia Island - Isis Initiation
Unfinished Obelisk
Return to cruise ship; lunch onboard
PM: Optional Sharing Circle on deck
Sail to Kom Ombo
Visit Kom Ombo Temple - Sobek and Haoeris Initiation
Return to Cruise Ship. Dinner onboard.
Sail to Edfu. Arrive during the night.
Overnight Cruise Ship.

Day 8. Sunday, November 10. Nile Cruise: Edfu Temple; Possible Visit to Esna Temple Arrive Luxor (B/L/D)
AM: Visit to Edfu Temple - Horus Initiation
Return to cruise ship; lunch onboard
PM: Optional Sharing Circle on deck
Possible option: Visit to Esna Temple
Sail to Luxor. Arrive during the night.
Overnight Cruise Ship.

Day 9. Monday, November 11. Disembark Cruise: Luxor: Karnak Temple, including Sekhmet Chapel; Luxor Temple (B)
AM: Visit to Karnak Temple, including Sekhmet Chapel - Sekhmet Initiation
Return to hotel. Lunch on your own.
PM: Visit to local family-owned shop for amulets/pendants of your favorite neter(s), galabayahs,
t-shirts with names embroidered in hieroglyphs and other gifts. Possible visit to the marketplace/souk.
Return to the hotel.
PM: Visit to Luxor Temple - Third Eye Meditation
Return to hotel. Dinner on your own.
Overnight Luxor. Sonesta St. George Hotel.

Day 10. Tuesday, November 12. Abydos and Dendera (B/L)
Full day visit to Abydos and Dendera, with box lunch
Abydos: Temple of Osiris - Osiris Initiation & Visit to Osierion
PM: Box Lunch
Dendera: Temple of Hathor - Hathor Initiation, plus visit to the Crypt and the Dendera Zodiacs
Return to Luxor. Dinner on your own.
Overnight Luxor. Sonesta St. George Hotel.

Day 11. Wednesday, November 13. Optional Tour: Hot Air Balloon Ride; Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut’s Temple (B/L)
AM: Optional Tour: Hot Air Balloon Ride
AM: Visit to the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut’s Temple
Alabaster Factory
Lunch with the group at a local restaurant on the West Bank
PM: Visit to papyrus factory
Return to hotel.
Optional Sharing Circle. Dinner on your own.
Overnight Luxor. Sonesta St. George Hotel.

Day 12. Thursday, November 14. Return to Cairo: Abusir and Abu Ghurob (B)
AM: Free time
Check out of hotel. Transfer to airport for later morning flight to Cairo.
Arrive and claim luggage. Transfer to hotel and check in.
Lunch on your own.
PM: Visit to Abusir and Abu Ghurob
Return to the hotel.
Optional Sharing Circle. Dinner on your own.
Overnight Giza. Mena House.

Day 13. Friday, November 15. Optional Tour: Old Cairo; Private Entrance into the Great Pyramid, Farewell Dinner (B/D)
AM: Optional tour of Old Cairo
AM: Free time.
Lunch on your own.
PM: PRIVATE ENTRANCE into the Great Pyramid
Return to the hotel. Farewell Dinner at the hotel.
Overnight Giza. Mena House.

Day 14. Saturday, November 16. Depart Egypt (B)

AM: Group transfer to the airport and board international flight to NYC; PM: Arrive same day

Sacred Sites Journeys can arrange a private transfer to the airport at the end of the journey.
Once you have registered and yourr international airfare is booked,  we can give you a quote for these additional services.

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Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
Director of Sacred Sites Journeys
AndreaMikanaPinkham-Sekhmet-2-Nov2012.jpg (13471 bytes)
Featured Speaker / Ceremonialist / Tour Director for the November 2013 Pilgrimage

About My Experience Leading Journeys to Egypt...and What I Offer You...
As a young child I was fascinated by the civilization of ancient Egypt,
and had a lifelong desire to travel to there to see the pyramids and Sphinx.

Egypt-Sphinx-AndreaMarkPinkham2000.jpg (10353 bytes)

After starting a sacred travel company in 1993, I operated and led spiritual pilgrimages to Peru for many years.
In 2000 I also began offering and leading sacred journeys to Egypt. 
Since then I've been taking groups yearly (or sometimes more often) to experience the magic and mystery of this ancient land
and its many secrets and theories about its ancient civilizations.
The November 2013 Sacred Sites Journeys group will be my 19th group to escort / lead to Egypt.

For more information about Andrea, Click here

Our Egyptologist / Tour Guide will be my dear friend and spiritual Sister Vivian Zaky, PhD.
Egypt-VivianZaki-2.jpg (15100 bytes)

AndreaMikanaPinkhamVivianZaky1.jpg (26346 bytes)     AndreaMikanaPinkhamVivianZaky2.jpg (15508 bytes)
Our groups have found Vivian to be extremely knowledgeable, very professional, and also very warm and friendly.
Her dual degree is in Archaeology and Tourism, and she has over 20 years experience guiding groups in Egypt.
She is very open to our spiritual focus. And, as she is well-known to the guards at the temples,
she is easily able to secure our meditation time.

During the last 13 years I've been leading our groups to Egypt I've also made connections with some of the best hotels, cruise ships, local shop owners.
And, very importantly, with the guards at the temples who will make it possible for us to have the time and space for our meditations and initiations.

I can assure you that all of these people will all do their utmost to work with me to support you to experience Egypt in ways that most people never do!

ChakraSystem.jpg (8703 bytes)

I've designed this spiritual pilgrimage to Egypt so that you have the auspicious opportunity to easily engage the ancient initiatory energies
on a very deep level at the ancient pyramids and sacred temples that are chakra sites along the Nile.

AndreaMikanaPinkham-CrystalBowl.jpg (17320 bytes)

I'll use my unique Lapis Crystal Bowl to facilitate sound activations that will support your initiations into higher levels of consciousness
as you connect with the Neter that each temple or sacred site is dedicated to.

Since the Arab Spring of 2011 I've lead three successful Sacred Journeys of Initiation to Egypt, two in 2011 and one in 2012.

Egypt-GizaPlateau-Group-June2011.jpg (10957 bytes)     Egypt-Dendera-Group-Nov2011.jpg (20369 bytes)     Egypt-Aswan-TempleofIsis-Group-Nov2012.jpg (24335 bytes)

Each of our groups of spiritual seekers had awesome experiences in the ancient pyramids and sacred temples that we visited.
Due to tourism being lower than usual, there were no crowds; most places we went to, we had the place to ourselves, or saw only a few other visitors.
We had more than ample time for our powerful meditations and initiations.
Afterwards, we enjoyed many hours exploring the temples and pyramids with our Egyptologist Guide Dr. Vivian Zaky.

Most importantly, we were safe the entire time and our Egyptian sisters and brothers warmly welcomed us wherever we went!

Spiritual pilgrims are continuing to return to Egypt!
Those of you who come with me in November will have deeply life-transforming experiences in a protected and unique setting!

The crowds will most likely be smaller, so we'll have more time for meditation at the sacred sites,
including our private entrances into the Great Pyramid and the Temple of Isis.
And, Fall in Egypt is perfect weather, with temperate days and cooler evenings.

So....If it's been your lifetime dream to travel to Egypt, NOW is the time to make your dreams come true!

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Egypt-Aswan-MichelleH-June2011.jpg (40502 bytes)Every now and then your life takes an amazing turn into unexpected enchantment. My trip to Egypt with Sacred Sites Journeys was one of them. Thanks to Andrea, Vivian and all my new (or perhaps old) Sisters who shared this fantastic journey.
I will cherish the memory always
. Michelle H. - Australia

I felt totally safe everywhere we went. Andrea is particular about the people who work for her and they are all good people. The highlight of the trip for me was the spiritual experiences. The many ceremonies Andrea led us through assisted me in feeling vibrationally ligher,
as did the energy spots, the sacred places here in Egypt. Thank you Andrea for a well-planned trip to bring about the most sacred experiences. I am truly grateful
. Donna H. - Canada

Great trip! Wonderful way to see Egypt and its ancient wonders for a first-time explorer. Adding to that, the spiritual practices and knowledge imported to us by Andrea and Vivian brought the Gods and Goddesses to life. The energy in the temples must be experienced. It's beyond anything one could possibly imagine. Life-changing for sure. Through this Sacred Sites Journeys tour I've developed a love and connection with Egypt and its people that reaches to the depths of my heart and soul. Truly a transforming and fulfilling journey.
Kathleen B. - USA

This Sacred Sites Journey to Egypt was so well organized, in all ways. I was taken care of individually in my spiritual and personal process during the tour. Andrea finds the very strong power spots. The meditations at them were powerful. It was fantastic to feel my own connection to the Gods and Goddesses. And the whole group was together in a sweet and loving atmosphere. Lone K. - DenmarkEgypt-Karnak-PameP-June2011.jpg (15498 bytes)

It is so hard to put into words my experience of this journey, yet I sum it up with - It was worth the 20+ years wait. From my first enquiry via email to Andrea I had all my questions, concerns, requests and guidance answered quickly. This tour was such an amazing experience. A top professional company. Vivian, our tour guide extraordinaire is a loving, giving, strong and supportive woman. She took care of us over and above her 'duties'.   Andrea's assistants in Egypt were all warm and professional. As for the 'journey', I had high expectations. And I leave the tour with all and more than I could ever even expected. Andrea, Vivian and the group connected as Sisters so quickly, which is acknowledgment of how spiritually sacred sites operate. I have had so many amazing spiritual experiences. I have definitely flown!
Andrea, you are a loving and strong Light, like Sekhmet. My dear Sisters, you sit in my heart. Thanks is too small a word for what I feel towards you all. I would and will be recommending Sacred Sites Journeys. AWESOME!
Pame P. - Australia


Egypt-LKramer.jpg (9360 bytes)I am finally "back". It took me more than a week to become familiar with this new, expanded self.  I woke up every night at 1:30 am to have breakfast (starving!)  I feel very quiet inside and at peace.  I want to thank Andrea for her gentle guidance and wisdom, her beauty as a person and for her commitment to the work.  Of course, I am still integrating and learning from the energies we received in Egypt, but so far as I can describe it, these energies are of an exquisite nature, very refined.  It is amazing that what was created in ancient times is today a calling for the world to transform.  How is this possible in the middle of such noise, dense population, dirt, etc., for these energies to just BE and CREATE change?  I love the mysteries - I love life!  People ask me "what was your favorite part?"  I stop to reflect, and all I can say is "everything!"   Egypt came in a package, and all of it was experiential.  I can't wait to go back. Liz K - MDEgypt-SPolanco.jpg (10821 bytes)

Egypt was the most magical and enlightening trip I have been on in the last several years. Andrea's expertise in calling in the energies of each site with sacred ceremony and chant made it very easy to accept the healing powers that were offered. The Grand Finale of being in the Great Pyramid for our private closing ceremony is an experience beyond words! Sandra P - NC

I felt throughout our journey that everyone treated us as VIPs. I will use your service in the future. Andrea is the best!
Nancy S - AK

Egypt-SSmith.jpg (13102 bytes)The sacred journey to Egypt with Andrea was a beautiful experience, capturing the wonders of this ancient country, the hospitality and kindness of its people, and the essences of what one can only possibly perceive as ancient Egyptian spirituality and esotericism. The journey was as much about the outer work as it was the inner work. Andrea held space for all the tour participants to experience Egypt on many levels - from visits to the temples and sites to a deeper appreciation of our own inner temples. Our Egyptian guide/Egyptologist captured the beauty of ancient Egypt and remained enthusiastically supportive of each of our individual journeys. She became the group's Egyptian guardian. A lovely memory from Abydos reminds me of the unique blending of cultures, religions, and spirituality, which transpired over the course of those magical days together. Inside an exquisite antechamber, some of the group participants began chanting. We moved from chants of the Goddess to Christian mysticism to other traditions. We asked our guide to chant something from the Koran, which she did with kindness and enthusiasm. The temple guards joined her and then asked why she chanted from the Koran. She explained our request to them. In that moment, our beliefs were no different. All was experienced as One. Again and again, this type of magic happened throughout Egypt. And this magic brought wonder. And that magic also gave me a kick in the behind when needed. The journey was transformative. My life continues to transform as a result of the many gifts I received during that pilgrimage. Life cannot be the same after Egypt - thankfully so. Steve S, MBA, MA - Dream Therapist - CA

Andrea is an excellent tour director and our Egyptologist was an exceptional guide! Michael B - CA

What a rejuvenating trip. Instead of coming home tired, I came home super charged with energy. Instead of being "done" after I got back, it lit a fire in me that I hope never goes out. The power of the pyramids is phenomenal. The temple sites speak to you in a language that only the soul can interpret. When a journey like this sparks a beginning rather than an ending, you know you've transcended the sands of time. There are no more barriers. Joanne D, MN
Egypt-LRen.jpg (7632 bytes)
The trip to Egypt exceeded all my expectations. The November weather was perfect with hot sunny days and cool nights. Each site was a gem and worth a longer, repeat visit. The carvings, hieroglyphs and paintings went beyond sheer beauty to offer layer upon layer of meaning. I appreciated the way Andrea and our guides managed our visits so we could get some "private time" in these very special places. I felt like I was both healed by and contributed to the healing of these ancient holy places as we toned and meditated in them. Our Egyptian guides were fantastic, providing insights and inspiring a deeper curiosity. Andrea, Vivian, Yousef and Patricia created and held a sacred space where we could all learn. I enjoyed my "Journey Sisters" as much as the journey itself. Everyone brought a special gift for the group. -
Lilith R, DC

Our sacred tour to Egypt was the most exciting, exhilarating experience for spiritual growth & expansion. Egypt is definitely the place to go to bring back knowledge of your past. It's an experience that all humanity must experience. The metaphysical Egyptologist and Tour Escort accomplished everything they said they would and provided it with passion. We were treated like kings and queens. The accommodations were 5 * - providing us with great views, food, pleasant service. Visiting all the different sites was spellbinding. - Michael C - Canada

I loved the Sacred Journey to Egypt! I had a great time! Andrea and her staff did a wonderful job! I want to go back!
Dottie D - CA

I'd love to write an eloquent commentary about my awesome trip to Egypt with Andrea and our group. Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to stuff my profound spiritual and emotional experiences into the limited confines of words. I'll simply say that healing and freedom that began there continues to unfold. I am deeply grateful for all my experiences and I am eager for my next journey to Egypt with Andrea!
Patricia C, IL

What a wonderful journey it was to Egypt.  It was even more than what I expected.  Andrea, you did a phenomenal job!  Thank you again for the wonderful journey.  It is truly one I will never forget.  Dianne C - MO

The Sacred Journey to Egypt was fabulous! Thanks to our Ceremonialist Andrea Pinkham and our Egyptologist for all the positive energy!
Ginny C - CA

Upon meeting Andrea and discussing the upcoming journey to Egypt I knew deeply in my soul that this was an experience of a lifetime and Andrea was the person I was to be led through this sacred land with.  I fail completely with words in attempting to describe the profound and life changing circumstances that occurred in Egypt and as an aftermath of Egypt. Three months later I am still processing and feeling the healing energies of our journey. My life will never be as it was, as this journey granted me clarity, courage, release of past wounds, an ability to receive love with a heightened ease and grace, and an expansion of spirit that can only be achieved via real experience.  I have found that real change touches on a much deeper level when I am away from all the "knowns" in life which keep me defined.  Andrea holds the space for genuine transformation to occur by creating a "safe" environment for body, mind, and soul.  She is a woman of great strength, knowledge, intuition and patience.  My heart is forever full and grateful for this magnificent experience.  From every part of me ~ Thank You. Lea M - CA

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Our Sacred Sites Journey to EGYPT begins on November 3, 2013.

Our next SSJ to Egypt will be November 2 - 15, 2014.
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