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Women's Priestess Journey of Initiation
October 23 - November 6, 2017

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The upcoming October/November 2017 Women's Priestess Journey of Initiation offers you
a unique opportunity to come to Egypt for a life-altering experience
that will transform you in many positive ways!

Join Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, longtime teacher of the ancient Egyptian Mystery Teachings
and Goddess Tradition who has led over 20 spiritual pilgrimage tours of Egypt since 2000,
for an extraordinary sacred journey that only the most advanced
priestesses of ancient times were privileged to experience.

Initiation into the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine!

During this exceptional Women's Priestess Journey of Initiation you'll have the opportunity
to easily engage the sacred energies of
the Divine Feminine that were once experienced directly
by the ancient Egyptian Priestesses.

As you travel along the sacred
Nile River with other spiritually-minded women, you'll be able to engage
sacred rituals & meditations in dynamically charged temples along its banks
that were built over the
chakras of the ancient land.
As you awaken your own corresponding chakras, the various feminine
Neters (Goddesses)
of each temple will assist you in your

You will then accept your new status as a true
Priestess of The Divine Feminine,
knowing that long after you leave Egypt the various aspects of it that you've connected with
will continue to assist your spiritual development.

Egypt-Djed-Ani.gif (24324 bytes)YOUR PRIESTESS INITIATIONS

A Few Words from Andrea: At the ancient pyramids and sacred temples I will facilitate meditations,
rituals and initiations while invoking the specific Neter of that sacred place.
Our Egyptologist / Tour Guide Dr. Vivian Zaky and I will support you to engage with these
powerfully transformative energies as you gradually develop your Priestess Aspect more fully.

We've facilitated many meditations and initiations at these sacred sites, and have made our own
powerful connections with these great Neters. So we're able to help you to do so more easily!

As you connect with the Neters you'll awaken the Priestess Within.
You'll then walk differently on your spiritual path, more fully expressing your
soulful nature in all of its many aspects.
This awakening will result in your empowerment as a Priestess
whose Temple will be your everyday world.
You will then exert your influence in all of your life's roles
in every interaction you have in each moment!

Special Offerings in the GIZA AREA 

Private Entrance for our Group!
Egypt-GreatPyramid-ResonanceBox.jpg (9992 bytes)
The GREAT PYRAMID for Meditation & Sacred Ceremony

Other Sacred Sites We'll Experience in and near Giza:

Egypt-Sphinx3.jpg (12968 bytes)
Meditation with the timeless energies of the ancient SPHINX, the oldest statue on our planet
Tefut and Nut Initiation

Egypt-Sakkara1.jpg (11020 bytes)        Egypt-Serapeum2.JPG (10411 bytes)

Exploration and sacred sound healing experiences and at SAKKARA,
including the "Hospital", and the Serapeum
Nephthys Initiation

Special Offerings: LUXOR, NILE CRUISE and
Egypt-Karnak-Sekhmet.jpg (4267 bytes)
Sekhmet Initiation


Egypt-Luxor-LuxorTempleByNight.jpg (11938 bytes)
LUXOR TEMPLE: Explore the Symbolist Theory of the Temple of Man
and the
Third Eye mysteries of this ancient power spot at night under the starry Egyptian sky


Egypt-Luxor-HatshepsutTemple.jpg (9616 bytes)
WEST BANK: Initiation into the Divine Feminine Energies at Hatshepsut's Temple
Divine Feminine Meditation



Egypt-Luxor-ValleyKings.jpg (11908 bytes)
Explore the
Mysteries of Death & Resurrection in the ancient tombs in the Valley of the Kings


Initiation into the Mysteries of Seshat at the Temple of Seti I

Egypt-Abydos-Osierion.jpg (9813 bytes)
Includes visit to the ancient pre-dynastic
Osireion, where you will see the Flower of Life

Egypt-Dendera-Hathor.jpg (7963 bytes)

Initiation into the Greater Mysteries of Hathor


Egypt-Dendera-Crypt-LightBulb.jpg (8470 bytes)     Egypt-Dendera-Zodiac.jpg (21715 bytes)
Includes visit to the Crypt and the Dendera Zodiac


Egypt-Edfu-Horus.jpg (4883 bytes)

Strengthen your Higher Self Connection through a mediation with Horus at his Temple at EDFU

Egypt-KomOmbo-SobekAndHoaeris.jpg (10471 bytes)
Balance your Inner Light & Dark through connecting with Sobek & Haoeris at KOM OMBO

Isis.jpg (14289 bytes)

PRIVATE ENTRANCE at the TEMPLE OF ISIS for an Initiation into the Mysteries of Isis

Egypt-Aswan-TempleOfKhnum.jpg (7883 bytes)
Satet and Anuket Initiations


Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
Featured Spealer and Meditation Facilitator

AndreaMikanaPinkham-Sekhmet-2-Nov2012.jpg (13456 bytes)
Teacher of the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries
Researcher & Teacher of the Goddess Tradition and Ancient Megalithic History

Andrea Mikana-Pinkham has been leading spiritual pilgrimages around the world since 1994, and yearly to Egypt since 2000. She is a longtime avid practitioner of the Goddess Path.  During this spiritual journey she will facilitate meditations and initiations to assist you to connect with the powerful energies of the Goddess at Her sacred sites and temples.

Andrea is a Teacher in The Order and Mystery School of the Seven Rays
and The Djedhi School of Ancient Wisdom

She is also a trained Shamanic Practitioner, the creator and Reiki Master Teacher of Ichi Sekai (One World) Reiki, and a Spiritual Counselor.

About My Experience Leading Journeys to Egypt...and What I Offer You...
As a young child I was fascinated by the civilization of ancient Egypt,
and had a lifelong desire to travel to there to see the pyramids and Sphinx.

Egypt-Sphinx-AndreaMarkPinkham2000.jpg (10353 bytes)
My husband author Mark Amaru Pinkham and I founded our sacred travel company in 1993.
We operated and led spiritual pilgrimages to Peru for many years.
In 2000 we also began offering and leading sacred journeys to Egypt. 
Since then we've been taking groups yearly (or sometimes more often) to experience the magic and mystery
of this ancient land and its many secrets.
It's one of my passions and joys in life to be able to support others to make their special connections.
The October/November 2017 group will be my 22nd one to escort.
For more information about Andrea, Click here

Vivian Zaky, PhD.
Egyptologist / Tour Guide

Left to Right: The Temple of Horus at Edfu, the Temple of Isis in Aswan

Left to Right: Sekhmet's Shrine at Karnak, the Island of Biga in Aswan, the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid

From Andrea: "Vivian is my very dear friend and spiritual Sister.
Our groups have found her to be extremely knowledgeable, very professional, and also very warm and friendly.
Her dual degree is in Archaeology and Tourism, and she has over 2
3 years experience guiding groups in Egypt.
She is very open to our spiritual focus. And, as she is well-known to the guards at the temples,
she is easily able to secure our meditation time.

An Important Message from Andrea:

During the last 17 years I've been leading our groups to Egypt I've also made connections
with some of the best hotels, cruise ships, local shop owners.
And, very importantly, with the guards at the temples who will make it possible
for us to have the time and space for our meditations and initiations.

I can assure you that all of these people will all do their utmost to work with me
to support you to experience Egypt in ways that most people never do!

I've designed this spiritual pilgrimage to Egypt so that you have the auspicious opportunity to easily engage
the ancient initiatory energies on a very deep level at the ancient pyramids
and sacred temples that are chakra sites along the Nile.

AndreaMikanaPinkham-CrystalBowl.jpg (17320 bytes)

I will use my unique Lapis Crystal Bowl to facilitate sound activations that will support
your initiations into the ancient mysteries of the Divine Feminine.

Since the Arab Spring of 2011 I've lead five successful Sacred Sites Journeys to Egypt,
two in 2011, one each in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016.

Egypt-GizaPlateau-Group-June2011.jpg (10923 bytes)     Egypt-Dendera-Group-Nov2011.jpg (20345 bytes)     Egypt-Aswan-TempleofIsis-Group-Nov2012.jpg (24278 bytes)
Left to Right: June/July 2011, November 2011, November 2012

Egypt-Karnak-SekhmetChapel-Group-Nov2013.jpg (16256 bytes)  Egypt-GizaPlateau-Sphinx-Group-Nov2014.jpg (15351 bytes)  
Left to Right: November 2013, November 2014, November 2016

Each of our groups of spiritual seekers had awesome experiences in the ancient pyramids and sacred temples that we visited.
Due to tourism being lower than usual, there were no crowds; so most places we went to,
we had the place to ourselves, or saw only a few other visitors.
We had more than ample time for our powerful meditations and initiations.
Afterwards, we enjoyed many hours exploring the temples and pyramids with our Egyptologist Guide Dr. Vivian Zaky.

Most importantly, we were safe the entire time and our Egyptian sisters and brothers warmly welcomed us wherever we went!

Spiritual pilgrims are continuing to return to Egypt!
Those of you who come with me this Fall of 2017 will have deeply life-transforming experiences
in a protected and unique setting!

The crowds will most likely be smaller, so we'll have more time for meditation at the sacred sites,
including our
private entrances into the Great Pyramid and at the Temple of Isis.
And, Fall in Egypt is perfect weather, with temperate days and cooler evenings.

So....If it's been your lifetime dream to travel to Egypt, NOW is the time to make your dreams come true!

Sacred Sites Journeys are smoke-free sacred travel experiences.
All forms of tobacco, as well as e-cigarettes are not allowed at any time.
Thanks for your cooperation.

(B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)

Day 1. Monday, October 23. Arrive Cairo; Giza: Introductory Meeting; Welcome Dinner (D)

The Mena House Hotel with Great Pyramid in the Background

Sacred Sites Journeys is offering this spiritual pilgrimage as a Land Only sacred travel package. You are responsible to book your roundtrip air to Cairo. For those departing from the USA and Canada, Sacred Sites Journeys can assist you in booking your international flights. Once you have registered, let us know if you'd like our assistance.
Please book your airfare to arrive in Egypt today.

Arrive Cairo International Airport on your own. Transfer to hotel in Giza.
Sacred Sites Journeys can arrange a meet/greet upon your arrival at Cairo International Airport, and a transfer in a private air-conditioned car to the hotel in Giza. (We can also arrange a private transfer to the airport at the end of the journey.) Once you have registered and your international airfare is booked,  we can give you a quote for these additional services.

Check in. You have free time to rest and relax. Lunch on your own.

We gather later afternoon for our  Introductory Group Meeting, to begin making our connections with each other and to set the energy for our pilgrimage. In our Ma’at Meditation / Initiation we welcome in Her powerfully ancient energies. Her titles are Eye of Ra, Lady of the Judgment Hall, Mistress of the Underworld, The Mother, Lady of Heaven and Queen of the Earth. She is the Neter that is the personification of fate, harmony, judgment, justice, order, reincarnation, and truth. Her sacred animals include elephants, ostriches, and vultures. Ma'at's sacred color is red, and her sacred stones are emerald and jade. Her consort is Thoth, Lunar Neter of Magic and Writing.. When the ancient Egyptians died they believed that their heart would be weighed against a feather, which represented Ma'at. If their heart was heavier than the feather, their soul was thought to be too heavy, and they would be cast into oblivion. If their soul was the same weight as the feather then their soul was free to travel into the afterlife. This weighing of the heart is shown in many tombs and in funerary texts. In art, Ma'at appears either a woman with an ostrich feather on her head, in her hand, or with it as her head. She also appears as simply an ostrich feather.

Welcome Dinner at the hotel. Overnight Giza. Mena House Hotel.

Day 2. Tuesday, October 24. Giza: Sphinx - Tefnut & Nut Initiations:
Valley Temple - Bastet Initiation; Great Pyramid; Aromatherapist; Sharing Circle (B/L)

After breakfast we're off to visit the Giza Plateau, where we'll experience our first Priestess Initiations - Tefnut and Nut Initiations near the Sphinx. The Sphinx, or Tefnut, as she is also known by some of the Wisdom Keepers of the indigenous oral tradition, is the oldest and largest monumental statue on our planet. Tefnut was a lunar Neter of moisture, humidity and water. Her name is related to water - tf is the root of the words for "spit" and "moist". Her name translates to "She of Moisture". She is the consort/twin of Shu, and, like him, was born of Ra alone, or of Atum, the Creator. She was the daughter of the creator god Ptah, as was sometimes known as the "Tongue of Ptah", denoting her creative force. She was the mother of the twin sky and the earth deities Nut and Geb, who were in turn the parents of Osiris, Isis, Nepthys, and Set. Tefnut was generally shown as a woman with a lion's head, or as a full lioness. 

Nut was the Neter of the heavens and the sky. Her name is pronounced 'Noot' and means 'night.' She was the daughter of Shu, the Neter of the Air and Tefnut, the Neter of moisture. Her consort was Geb, Neter of the earth. She was typically depicted as a woman with blue skin, with her body covered with stars, standing on all fours leaning over Geb - representing the sky arched over the Earth. During the day, Nut and Geb are separated, but each evening Nut comes down to meet Geb and this causes darkness. Nut is the barrier separating the forces of chaos from the ordered cosmos in this world. The sun god Ra was said to enter Her mouth after setting in the evening and to travel through her body during the night to be reborn from Her vulva each morning. Her arms and legs were imagined to be the pillars of the sky, and hands and feet were thought to touch the four cardinal points at the horizon.

Nut's title are Life-Giver and Mother of the Gods. She is the personification of the sky and the Milky Way, as well as Neter of night, reincarnation, and weather. Her sacred animals include boars, cows, eagles, peacocks, and sows, and her sacred stones are lapis lazuli and turquoise. Her sacred plant is the sycamore.

Since She gives birth to the sun in the east and swallows it in the west, Nut became connected with the underworld and resurrection. She was seen as a friend to the dead, as a mother-like protector to those who journeyed through the land of the dead. She was often painted on the inside lid of the sarcophagus, protecting the dead until he or she, like Ra, could be reborn in their new life.

Here, in one of the most powerful places on our planet, Andrea will facilitate our Priestess Initiation to connect with the energies of both Nut and Tefnut.

Afterwards we will explore the Valley Temple of Khafre, located next to the Sphinx. With its alabaster floor and gigantic block walls, its unique construction makes this amazing structure an absolute wonder of engineering! With its distinctive architectural style, it's among the oldest stone buildings in Egypt, if not the world. The only other building similar to it is the mysterious Osireion at Abydos, in Upper Egypt, which we'll visit in Abydos. What is so remarkable about its construction is the sheer size of the stones used, as well as the incredible number of them. The square-built temple is built entirely of hundreds of limestone blocks, many of which exceed 200 tons each (think 300 family-sized cars!). What is also astounding is that the builders lifted these huge stones to heights of over 40 feet, which is even higher than the largest sarsen stones at Stonehenge, which only weigh 50 tons each. Egyptologists have confirmed by rock strata analysis that the huge limestone megaliths used in the construction of the Valley Temple came from the trench excavated from the bedrock by the builders of the Sphinx. Since geologist Dr. Robert Schoch of Boston University has proved that the Sphinx is at least 8,000 years old, it appears that the two monuments must have been built at the same time.

We'll also explore theories that put forth the opinion that both the Sphinx and the Valley Temple are over 32,000 years old and were built by the ancient civilization that pre-dated dynastic Pharaonic Egypt, using ancient machining techniques that are still unknown to engineers today! With its alabaster floors and rounded-off stones used in the corners, the acoustics in this magnificent building are definitely incredible. Is it possible that the original builders constructed it to be used for sound healing? We'll experience this phenomenon first hand as Andrea softly plays the crystal bowl.

Bastet or Bast was one of the most popular Neters ancient Egypt. Her titles are The Cat of Ra, Eye of the Moon, Eye of Ra, Lady of the East, Mistress of Pleasure. She is the Goddess of animals, childbirth, dance, fertility, fire, happiness, intuition, joy, marriage, music, pleasure, protection, sex, and the sun. She is a protector of pregnant women and the dead. Her sacred animals are lions and cats, especially black ones. Her sacred color is red, and she represents the direction of East. Her sacred stone is the cat's eye.

Bastet originally had the head of a lion or a desert sand-cat and it was not until the New Kingdom that she became exclusively associated with the domesticated cat. Even then she remained true to her origins and retained her war-like aspect. She personified the playfulness, grace, affection, and cunning of a cat, as well as the fierce power of a lioness. Her name implies that she is sweet and precious, but that under the surface lay the heart of a predator. She is often shown holding the Ankh, the breath of life or symbol of immortality, or the papyrus wand of Lower Egypt. She occasionally bears a was-scepter, which symbolizes power and strength. She's often accompanied by a litter of kittens.

As the daughter of Ra She was one of the Neters known as the "Eye of Ra", a fierce protector who almost destroyed mankind, but was tricked with blood-colored beer which put Her to sleep and gave Her a hangover, stopping the carnage. As a result, She is linked to the other Goddesses who were known as the "eye of Ra", most notably Sekhmet, Hathor, Tefnut, Nut, Wadjet and Mut. Her link with Sekhmet was the closest. Not only did both of them take the form of a lioness, they were both considered to be the spouse of Ptah, the Divine Architect and the mother of Nefertum, the Neter of aromatherapy.

Andrea will facilitate our Priestess Initiation to connect with the energies of Bastet.

We then continue on to view the Great Pyramid, the last standing Wonder of the Ancient World, and other pyramids on the GizaEgypt-GizaPlateau-GreatPyramid-Wiki-Med.jpg (21741 bytes) Plateau. As we gaze in wonder at these magnificent structures, some of the oldest in the world, we ponder on their influences upon the Egyptian civilization. Our Egyptologist will give us detailed historical information, and Andrea will discuss theories from various researchers as to when and who built them. Will we ever really know the truth behind the building and construction of the timeless monuments? Will we ever uncover all their hidden secrets? These questions and more will offer us an interesting and exciting time among these ancient structures.

Lunch with the group at local restaurant, with offerings of traditional Egyptian cuisine.

Egypt-Giza-Aromatherapy-Gamal-Andrea.jpg (16933 bytes)Then we're off for our afternoon visit a local Aromatherapist to learn about the ancient Egyptian Priestess art of scent alchemy. In ancient Egypt, this secret knowledge was depicted with the hieroglyph of a woman smelling a lotus. This powerful tool was used for balancing the aura and working with the energies in the chakras. Temple Priestesses were taught to use this wisdom to activate higher consciousness. Aromatherapy recipes were inscribed as hieroglyphics on the walls of some of the temples. Some of these recipes were also recorded on various papyrus. Essential oils were used in the embalming process, spiritual / religious ceremonies, in the practice of medicine and for personal use, including the blending of essential oils for perfume. Both men and women used fragrance; they placed a solid cone of perfume on their heads, which would gradually melt and cover them in fragrance. Essential oils were valued more than gold. When the tomb of King Tut was opened in 1922, the explorers discovered more than 50 alabaster jars that had been designed to hold a total of about 350 liters of oil. Some of them still contained traces of essential oils and the aroma remained. The grave robbers had stolen virtually all of the essential oils, but left behind the gold and jewelry!

The aromatherapist we'll visit is world-renowned; people come from many countries to study with him. He is also a Reiki Master and excellent psychic. He'll share his vast knowledge with us about the healing and alchemical properties of the essential oils. As well, he may offer each of our Priestesses a short psychic reading. Then you’ll be able to purchase essential oils to take with you on our sacred journey, to charge them up with the powerful energies of the sacred temples and pyramids we'll be visiting during our Priestess Initiation Journey.

We return to the hotel later afternoon. Early evening Group Sharing Circle.

The remainder if the evening is free time. Dinner on your own.
Overnight Giza. Mena House Hotel.

Day 3. Wednesday, October 25. Sakkara, including the Serapeum; Nephthys Initiation;
Service Project: Visit to Orphanage (B/L)

Egypt-Sakkara2.jpg (13677 bytes)This morning we're off to one of the most important sacred areas in the Band of Peace - Sakkara, dedicated to the Neter Sokar and believed by traditional Egyptologists to be the earliest necropolis, or burial place, for the Pharaohs and royalty of the Memphis area. We enter the site by walking through the temple complex filled with rows of columns, where the ancient priests and priestess used sound to perform healings. The most famous part of the site is the Step Pyramid, traditionally believed to have been constructed about 2630 BCE by Imhotep, architect to King Djoser (Dynasty III). We will hear from our Egyptologist why some experts believe this to be the world's oldest freestanding stone structure. Andrea will share theories that refute this, to give us a different point of view of the history. Then, we will explore the historical and esoteric aspects of this ancient site. Egypt-Sakkara1.jpg (11020 bytes)

Time allowing, at the area referred to by some locals from the indigenous tradition as "the hospital" you'll have the opportunity to experience a sound healing meditation. Open your heart, open your mind, and especially your 5th chakra to receive the healing that comes through this change in your frequency, and send it out into the world for peace and healing for all!

We'll explore the mysteries of Nephthys, the Neter of dark magic, dreams, enchantment, intuition, mysticism, peace, prophecy, and protection. Her Egyptian name Nebthet means "Mistress of the House", meaning that portion of the sky which was supposed to form the abode of the Sun-god Horus. She was depicted as a woman with a basket and a house on top of each other on her head. Her sacred plant is the lily; her sacred stones are pearls, rubies, and star sapphires. Her direction is the West.

She is the sister-wife of Set, the Neter of Chaos, the mother of Anubis, aunt to Horus, and sister to Isis and Osiris. She was the darkness to Isis' light. Isis was the day, Nepthys was the night. Isis was visible, birth, growth, development and vigor; Nephthys was invisible, death, decay, diminution and immobility. She helped Isis to gather Osiris' scattered limbs after Set cut him into pieces. And, She also helped to revive Osiris. Thus She became associated with the dead, becoming a friend of the deceased. She offered guidance to the newly dead, and comfort to the family of the one who died.

As comforter at births, she stood with Isis the midwife at the birth-bed to offer comfort and help with new born children. The two sisters were often together, only being able to be told apart by the hieroglyph on their heads. Also, like her sister, she was thought to have great magical powers - she was the Mighty One of Words of Power.

In one of the out-of-the-way areas of this sacred land Andrea will facilitate our Nephthys Initiation.

We’ll also have the auspicious opportunity to visit the Serapeum, said by Egyptologists to have been associated with the cult of the Apis bulls, and believed to have been built during the 18th dynasty. The bull was considered to be an incarnation of Ptah, with a white blaze on its forehead and throat, a red saddle-like mark on its back, and a white belly. They were so important that when they died, a day of national mourning would be declared. After the bull was embalmed, its corpse was taken along the sacred way from Memphis to Sakkara, where it was interred in the Serapeum. However, there are other theories as to the use of these huge granite boxes. Perhaps they are evidence of ancient machining techniques that cannot be reproduced today by engineers. If we're fortunate to find ourselves alone here (which has happened during our last three journeys!) we'll have time for meditation among these ancient stone boxes and their very amazing energy.

After lunch with the group at a nearby local restaurant, we'll visit a local orphanage, where we'll meet the children and spend some time interacting with them. There are about 50 girls who live in this home, with their "Mothers" who lovingly take care of them. If you care to make a donation that will go toward their food, clothing, shelter and education, it will be warmly received.

Afterwards we return to the hotel. We'll gather for a short Sharing Circle.

The remainder of the evening is free. Dinner is on your own. Overnight Giza. Mena House Hotel.

Day 4. Thursday, October 26. Giza: Optional Old Cairo Tour; Egyptian Museum; Free Time (B/L)

Egypt-Cairo-AlabasterMosque.jpg (6750 bytes)OPTIONAL TOUR - Old Cairo: As ancient as history itself, Cairo occupies a singular place among world cities. With its geographical position as a crossroads, it could be the world's only city with monuments dating back to four different historical periods - the Pharaonic, the Roman, the Christian and the Islamic. Old Cairo is a very fascinating place! Visit The Citadel that was for 700 years the strategic stronghold for Cairo, overlooking the city, and easy to defend. In it there are some museums, palaces, and three mosques, including The Mohammed Ali Mosque, or Alabaster Mosque, one of Cairo's most famous landmarks.

For those not taking the optional tour: This morning you have free time to sleep in a bit and relax. Perhaps you’d like to take advantage of the hotel’s spa facilities and/or the swimming pool.

We depart to downtown Cairo, where we have lunch at a traditional restaurant frequented by the local Egyptian people - one of Andrea's favorites!

After lunch we visit the world-famous Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, known commonly as the Egyptian Museum or Museum of Cairo,home to an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. It has Egypt-CairoMuseum-KingTutMask.jpg (17149 bytes)120,000 items, with a representative amount on display, the remainder in storerooms. We view the vast collection of artifacts dating back to antiquity, including those from the different periods of ancient Egypt - Predynastic, Old, Middle, & New Kingdoms. One of the highlights of the visit for many people is the visit to the famous and priceless treasures of King Tut-Ankh-Amon. You can see for example, the intricate workmanship and the tiniest details of the contents of the articles packed for this boy Pharaoh to accompany him to the next world. You'll also have the option to visit the Mummy Room, where you can see those of some of Egypt's most famous pharaohs, like Ramesses II. Maybe during your time at the museum you will feel that special energetic pull to a former time and life as you gaze at some of the artifacts.

We return to the hotel later afternoon. You have the evening free. Dinner is on your own. Overnight Giza. Mena House Hotel.

Day 5. Friday, October 27. Flight to Luxor: Karnak Temple, with Sekhmet Chapel; Luxor Temple (B)Friday, October 27. Flight to Luxor: Karnak Temple, with Sekhmet Chapel; Luxor Temple (B)

We check out of the hotel after breakfast and transfer to the airport for our flight to Luxor. We arrive, claim our luggage and transfer to our hotel. After we check in you have free time to rest and relax. Lunch is on your own.

In the afternoon we depart to Karnak Temple to visit the incomparable Sekhmet Chapel, located in the Temple of Ptah. Sekhmet is one of the oldest of the Neters. Her name means "Mighty One" or "Powerful One" and is derived from the Egyptian word 'Sekhem', which means "power" or "might". She was the patroness of physicians, surgeons and healers. Because of Her power, She is sometimes portrayed in a negative way by traditional Egyptology. They often overlook Her qualities as Healer, Mother and Protector. Sekhmet's black granite statues show Her standing with a scepter in the shape of the papyrus, heraldic plant of  Lower Egypt. As with the Goddess Isis, Sekhmet seems to have recently been reinvented, and to some people She has become the symbol of the modern-day empowered woman. She is still approached as a healer, bringer of justice and as a guardian or protector, but the emphasis has shifted so that She has transformed from what was almost a force of chaos into an icon of immanent female power.

She is sometimes referred to as the destructive aspect of either Bastet or Hathor. Sekhmet is the daughter of Ra, the consort of Ptah, and mother to Nefertum. The hot desert winds are said to be her breath. In art Sekhmet appears as a lion-headed goddess with the solar disc and/or the uraeus on her head. Her clothing is usually red, and she often holds a papyrus scepter.

Because of Her power, She is sometimes portrayed in a negative way by traditional Egyptology. They often overlook Her qualities as Healer, Mother and Protector. Sekhmet's black granite statues show Her standing with a scepter in the shape of the papyrus, heraldic plant of Lower Egypt. As with the Goddess Isis, Sekhmet seems to have recently been reinvented, and to some people She has become the symbol of the modern-day empowered woman. She is still approached as a healer, bringer of justice and as a guardian or protector, but the emphasis has shifted so that She has transformed from what was almost a force of chaos into an icon of immanent female power.

Andrea will facilitate our Sekhmet Initiation to assist you to connect with Sekhmet and Her powerfully protective Unconditional Love of the Mother, as well as the transformative energy that destroys the ego and brings you into alignment with your Higher Self. Through meditation and chanting, we will call Her timeless energies to us for a great blessing. She will enfold you in Her loving arms and bless you with an initiation that will gift you with increased empowerment of the Divine Feminine in your Being.

Afterwards, we explore the vast Temple of Karnak, the largest columned temple in the world.. Once connected to Luxor Temple, two miles away, by a long avenue of Sphinxes (which are still partially intact), Karnak is dedicated to the Neter  Amun-Ra, the hidden Power of Creation, and his feminine counterpart, the Neter Mut. One of ancient Egypt's most complex theologies was the worship surrounding Amun. He represented absolute holiness, and in this regard he was different then any other Egypt-Karnak-HolyOfHolies.jpg (5678 bytes)Egyptian deity. He was so holy that He remained independent of the created universe. He was associated with the air as an invisible force, which facilitated His growth as a supreme deity. As the Egyptian creator deity par excellence, Amun was self-created and was thus hidden from humanity. However, the addition of "Ra" to His name revealed Him. Ra was the common Egyptian term for the sun, thus making Him visible. Hence, Amun-Ra combined within Himself the two opposites of divinity, the hidden and the revealed. We'll explore the Temple of Amun, including the Holy of Holies. We'll find an out-of-the-way area where we can meditate to connect with the energies of Amun-Ra and Mut, to balance the male and female energies within. Egypt-Karnak-FestivalHallTuthmosisIII.jpg (14116 bytes)

We then visit the Festival Hall of Tuthmosis III, where some Rosacrucians believe their spiritual tradition originated. Some researchers indicate that  here Tuthmosis III reorganized the ancient Mystery Schools of Thoth and founded the Royal School of the Master Craftsmen, which came to be known as the Great White Brotherhood. Take a few quiet moments to meditate and invite in the energies of this ancient Order that still exists on the higher planes today, and receive any messages that might be bestowed upon you. Be open to the Gifts of Spirit that you're sure to receive.

Egypt-Karnak-PrecinctOfMut-Sm.jpg (9163 bytes)Our last stop at Karnak will be at the Precinct of Mut, which was opened in November 2014, after having been closed for over fifteen years. Mut is the consort of Amun-Ra, the male Neter to whom Karnak is dedicated. She is the quintessence of the Divine Feminine, the Mother. Intimately connected with Sekhmet; it's possible that in the very ancient past, they were one and the same. We'll have time to wander among the many powerfully palpable statues of Mut and to
near them in order to connect with her energy of Unconditional Love.

Egypt-Luxor-LuxorTempleByNight.jpg (11938 bytes)

Rerturn to the hotel. You have free time to rest a bit before our evening visit under the stars to magnificent Luxor Temple, a real treat! We walk the well-worn pathways of this amazing structure and connect with its ancient energies. In the Holy of Holies. Andrea will facilitate a meditation near the Holy of Holies to support you to connect more fully with your Third Eye intuitive energies,
to bring that which is usually hidden from your conscious self into the Light, for your continued spiritual evolution.

Return to the hotel Dinner is on your own. Overnight Luxor. Sonesta St. George Hotel

Day 6. Day 6. Saturday, October 28. Abydos - Seshat Initiation (B/Box L)

After breakfast we depart the hotel to Abydos, the cradle of the oldest dynastiess. We arrive later morning ng at Abydos, the holy city that was the burial placeefor the first kings of a unified Pharoanic Egypt, and also contains some remains from the Predynastic period. Ancient Egyptians were required to make a pilgrimage here at least once in their lifetimes; today we make ours!!

Egypt-Abydos-Temple-Approaching.jpg (8831 bytes)After we enjoy our lunch, we enter thewe enter the Temple of Seti I with our Egyptologist, Dr. Vivian Zaki to explore the various rooms that are temples to the various Neters. One temple wall contains the King's List, the chronological list of the cartouches of 76 kings and Pharaohs of Egypt, produced by scribes of Seti I. It's composed of the pharaohs from the Early Dynastic Period before 3100 BCE through to the end of the Ptolemaic Dynasty, when Egypt became a province of Rome under Augustus Caesar in 30 BCE. Absent from the list are the "heretic" pharaoh Akhenaten, as well as Hatshepsut and other women pharaohs. The Ptolemaic temple contains some of the best-preserved wall panels in all of Egypt, with colors that are still vivid!

he Temple of Seti I is dedicated to Osiris, Neter of Death and the Underworld, as well as Resurrection and Renewal.
Osiris was a Realized Being or Serpent of Wisdom/Priest King from the mists of time who was believed to have taught the skills of civilization to those living in the area. In his book The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom, Mark Amaru Pinkham writes about this. Andrea will share some of this information while we're here at this sacred site today.

The temple walls contains the King's List, the chronological list of the cartouches of 76 kings and Pharaohs of Egypt. They also contain some of the best-preserved wall panels in all of Egypt, with colors that are still vivid! The photo on the right depicts Seshat, the Neter of Writing and Sacred Geometry, as well as historical records, accounting and mathematics, measurement and architecture.

Seshat (Sashet, Sesheta), means "female scribe". She was depicted as a woman wearing a panther-skin dress, worn by the funerary priests and priestesses, and a headdress that was also her hieroglyph There are various theories as to what this symbol represents. Some researchers claim that it represents either a stylized flower or seven-pointed star on a standard that is beneath a set of down-turned horns. and that the horns may have originally been a crescent, linking Seshat to the moon and hence to her spouse, the moon god of writing and knowledge, Thoth/Djehuti. Another theory is that it represents a surveying device. She was associated with the pharaoh at the Stretching the Cord foundation ritual, known as Pedjeshes (Pedj--"to stretch," Shes--"a cord"). She assisted the pharaoh with the measuring process. Here at Abydos, we'll see a well-preserved depiction of this on the temple walls. The pharaoh and a priestess personifying Seshat, at the site where the temple was to be erected, were each armed with a golden mallet and a peg connected by a cord to another peg. Seshat having driven her peg home at the previously prepared spot, the pharaoh directed his gaze to the constellation of the Bull's Foreleg (Ursa Major, "Great Bear," and the "hoof" star is Benetnasch, Eta Ursae majoris). Having aligned the cord to the "hoof" and Spica as seen through the visor formed by Seshat's curious headdress, he raised his mallet and drove the peg home, thus marking the position of the axis of the future temple. - Description of the ceremony by Cyril Fagan in Zodiacs Old and New (1951)

No temples dedicated to Seshat have been excavated in Egypt, though there is evidence that She did have a priesthood in early times, composed mostly of priestesses, though there were a few priests in the order. The Stela of Prince Wep-em-nefret, from the 4th Dynasty, notes that his title was Overseer of the Royal Scribes, Priest of Seshat.

At Abydos Seti I dedicated part of his temple to Seshat - the staircase of the temple, which bears an address in 43 columns of the goddess Seshat to the pharaoh. The text displays a rigid scheme which deals with the temple itself and its two groups of occupants (the pharaoh and the neters), and in which pseudo-verbal/ temporal aspects and non-verbal sentences/a-temporal aspects alternate. The three main elements - temple, neters and pharaoh - each have their proper place in the sophisticated and complicated structure of the text. The address consists of three parts: 1) The temple, its conception and its realization. 2) The neters who live there and guarantee its sacral nature. 3) The pharaoh, the celebrant who certifies its functioning. This last part has a very intricate structure, with reference to the Horus and solar aspect of the pharaoh, the Osirian aspect, and the relationship between the two. At the conclusion of the address Seshat speaks, in order to fulfill her usual task of registering the divine kingship of the pharaoh as living Horus, according to the orders of Ra and the decree of Atum.

In one of the out-of-the-way halls of the temple, among many thousand year-old columns and wall panels vibrating with color, Andrea will facilitate our Seshat Initiation to assist you to connect with her energies and to receive Her blessing for the rebirth of your "New Self", as you use the energies of Sacred Geometry in your cellular level to construct a New You during this Great Awakening!

Egypt-Abydos-Osierion.jpg (9813 bytes)Then we have time for a long and thorough visit with our Egyptologist Vivian to the various rooms that are temples to the various Neters. One of the highlights of our visit will be to the mysterious Osireion, built with gigantic stones only found in one other place in Egypt - the Valley Temple of the Sphinx. Built with no mortarEgypt-Abydos-Osirieon-11-FOL-2-Nov2013.jpg (8648 bytes) between these gigantic stones, this powerful building resembles many of the other ancient megalithic sites around the world, such as Sacsayhuaman in Peru and Stonehenge in England. Could it be that a civilization more technologically advanced that we are today existed in the world at the same time, many thousands of years ago? On one of the pillars in the temple we will see the ancient symbol of the Flower of Life. We'll explore the meaning of this symbol with, according to Sacred Geometry, is the building block of all life! As well as who painted it on the pillar here. Take some time to meditate and focus, and see what might be revealed to you through psychic archaeology.

We return to Luxor in the later afternoon. You have free time. Dinner is on your own; Andrea invites those who would like to enjoy an optional information Sharing Circle to dine with her. Overnight Luxor. Sonesta St. George Hotel

Day 7. Sunday, October 29. Dendera - Hathor Initiation / Return to Luxor; Luxor Museum (B/Box L)

We depart this morning for Dendera, the magnificent temple dedicated to the Neter Hathor, the wife of Horus. Dendera is a   Greek transliteration of the Egyptian Enet-t-neter ("Home of the Goddess"). The temple is often referred to today as "the Lourdes of ancient Egypt" because in ancient times it was a healing center and sacred place of initiation into the mysteries of male/female balance and sensual love. Hathor's priestesses  and priests offered miraculous cures, practicing all types of magical and psychological therapies.

Hathor was also known as the Neter of Motherhood, with titles such as "The Great Cow Who Protects Her Child" and "Mistress of the Sanctuary of Women". Some of Her other names are Eye of Ra, Golden One, House of Horus, Lady of Malachite, Lady of the Sycamore, Mistress of Heaven, Queen of the West, The One Who Takes Care of the Deprived.

Besides Motherhood, Hathor is the Neter of many other aspects of life: Astrology, Beauty, Fertility, Flowers, Happiness, Intoxication,Love, Marriage, the Moon, Music, Dance, Pleasure, Prosperity, Protection, Wine, and Women. Along with Anubis, she represents the direction West. Her sacred animals are cows, doves, hippopotami, lions, lynxes, snakes, sparrows, swans, and vultures. Her sacred colors are bronze and red, and her sacred stones are emerald, malachite, and turquoise.

In art, Hathor is depicted many ways, including as a cow-headed woman, a woman (or just a female face) with cow ears, a woman with horns supporting a solar disc, and as a cow. She sometimes carries the rattle or sistrum as well.

Her oracular priests and priestesses predicted the fate of the newborn; as well, they were also the midwives who delivered them. As the Protectress of Music and Dance, Hathor was associated with percussive music, in particular the sistrum. Her traditional votive offering was two mirrors, the better with which to see both Her beauty and your own. Her head was used to decorate sistrums and mirrors. She was also the Neter of Joy who was deeply loved by the general population. She was very revered by women, who aspired to embody her multifaceted role as wife, mother, and lover. Her worship was so popular that more festivals were dedicated to her honor than any other Egyptian deity, and more children were named after Her than any other.

Here, among the powerful  transformational energies of this sacred site, Andrea will facilitate your Initiation into the Greater Mysteries of Hathor and the Divine Feminine. In Her role as the great Goddess of Earthly Love and Healing, Hathor will bestow upon you the energies that will take you into the higher frequencies of Unconditional Love in your Cosmic Heart.

Egypt-Dendera-Crypt-LightBulb.jpg (8470 bytes)In the Crypt we'll explore some of the controversial theories about the amazing panels on the walls. Do the light-bulb like objects (Crooke's Tubes) represent an ancient technology of electricity, or some other form of energy known to and utilized by the ancient Khemetians? Or, are they symbols esoteric teachings about spiritual evolution? In ancient times entrance into these underground chambers was limited to only the highest initiates, as the wall panels contain very esoteric information pertaining to alchemy, prehistory, and ancient wisdom. Egypt-Dendera-Zodiac.jpg (21715 bytes)

In one of the upper rooms we'll view the replica of the famous Dendera Zodiac, the only complete working Zodiac that survives from antiquity! (The original one resides in the Louvre Museum in Paris.) The zodiac is referred to by many researchers who have studied it for years as "intentional art", a work of sacred art deliberately encoded with information. It's one of the most well-known sacred calendric artifacts in the world, on the level of Stonehenge and the Aztec calendar. Showing the positions of the stars and planets as they would have been seen at 50BCE, it nevertheless projects its messages forward to 2216 CE!

Egypt-Luxor-LuxorMuseum-SobekStatue.jpg (11753 bytes)After enjoying our box lunch at the on-site cafeteria, we return to Luxor, arriving mid afternoon. We visit the Luxor Museum. Among the most striking items displayed are grave goods from the tomb of Tutankhamun and a collection of 26 exceptionally well preserved New Kingdom statues that were found buried in a cache in nearby Luxor Temple in 1989. The royal mummies of two pharaohs - Ahmose I and Ramesses I - were put on display in the Luxor Museum in March 2004. A major exhibit is a reconstruction of one of the walls of Akhenaten's temple at Karnak. Another one of the featured items in the collection is a calcite double statue of the crocodile god Sobek and the 18th Dynasty pharaoh Amenhotep III.

We return to the hotel. You have free time. Dinner is with the group this evening. Again, Andrea invites those who would like to enjoy an optional information Sharing Circle to dine with her. Overnight Luxor. Sonesta St. George Hotel

Day 8. Monday, October 30. Luxor: Embark Cruise Ship; Valley of the Kings; Hatshepsut’s Temple (B/L/D)

Optional Tour - Hot Air Balloon Ride:
Depart the hotel before sunrise to the West Bank of the Nile, where you’ll watch your hot air balloonbeing inflated, receive safety instructions from your captain, and then board your balloon. As the sun rises over the sacred river, you’ll be taken back in time as you serenely drift above the ancient temples and monuments. Then you’ll come back to the present as you hover over today’s modern fields and villages. Sigh! Moments of peace and solitude never to be forgotten. You'll drift slowly back down to the ground, landing in an open field. After you depart your gondola, you'll be transported back to the hotel, just in time for breakfast.

Egypt-Luxor-ValleyKings.jpg (11908 bytes)
After breakfast we depart across the Nile to the West Bank, which includes the Necropolis of Thebes and Hatshepsut's Temple. In the Valley of the Kings we explore the Mysteries of Death & Resurrection as we visit ancient tombs of the pharaohs, vibrant with scenes of ancient daily life and esoteric teachings about the afterlife. You have the option to buy a special ticket to visit the famous tomb of King Tut-Ankh-Amen, whose mummy is in situ.

Then we visit Queen Hatshepsut's magnificent Temple to Amunnat Der el Bahari. The 5th Pharaoh offEgypt-Luxor-HatshepsutTemple.jpg (9616 bytes)the18th dynasty, Hatshepsut orr Maatkaree(""Beloved of Maat") was of one of the most famous of the few handful of the female Pharaohs who ruled Egypt in dynastic times. Her mortuary temple,, Djeser Djeseruu("Splendor of Splendors"), is one of the most dramatically situated in the worldd and was designed by her architect/lover Senenmut. We visit the Birth Colonnade, the Anubis Chapel, the Punt Colonnade, the Chapel of Hathor and the Upper Terrace, where the Sanctuary of Hatshepsut and the Sanctuary of Amun are located. WWe'll find an out-of-the-way area to sit and meditate for a few minutes to connect with the energies of this remarkable Pharaoh, inviting in the energy of the Divine Feminine.

Egypt-Luxor-ColossiMemnon.jpg (5024 bytes)We'll make a brief stop at the Colossi of Memnon, enormous statues that are the remains of the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III. Recent excavations at the site have also unearthed other statues of this famous Pharaoh, father of Amenhotep IV, better known as Akhenaten..

We return to Luxor and embark our 5-star cruise ship - the Mirage. After checking into our cabins, we enjoy lunch onboard.  

After a bit of post-lunch rest time, Vivian, Andrea and Mark will take you to meet their long time friends and spiritual brothers, a Sufi family who own and operatewill take you to meet their long time friends and spiritual brothers, a Sufi family who own and operate Radwan Jewelers and Gallery. You'll be able to find the perfect sacred amulet of your favorite Neter. Will it be Isis? Hathor? Sekhmet? Horus? Osiris? Ptah? Who is calling you? This family of excellent silver and goldsmiths have many options from both types of metal for you to choose from.

Return to the cruise ship. Dinner onboard. Overnight Mirage Cruiseship.

Day 9. Tuesday, October 31. Nile Cruise: Day of Sailing (B/L/D)

Egypt-NileCruise-1.jpg (9442 bytes)Today you have time to relax and enjoy cruising the ancient Nile. As you sit up on the sun deck of the cruise ship you'll see the countryside drift by. At some point you'll see life as it's been for thousands of years on the banks of this life-bestowing river...simple, primitive  and ongoing.  Breathe...relax...enjoy!

In the later afternoon we'll meet for a Sharing Circle.

In the evening we arrive in Edfu. All meals onboard. Overnight Mirage Cruiseship.

Day 10. Wednesday,
November 1. Nile Cruise: Edfu and Kom Ombo (B/L/D)

Egypt-Edfu-HolyOfHolies.jpg (4613 bytes)We depart for an early morning visit to Edfu Temple, dedicated to the Neter Horus, son of Isis and Osiris. He's the falcon-headed Neter who is the symbol of the Higher Self. The temple complex is one of the finest examples of Ptolemaic art in Egypt and perhaps one of the best-preserved of the entire ancient world! We explore the various temples with our Egyptologist Vivian, viewing the richly decorated important scenes related to the divinities associated with the cult of Horus: Osiris, Isis, Sokar, and Khonsu. Andrea and Mark will facilitate a meditation to assist you to call in the energies of Horus to help you strengthen your connection with your Higher Self. (Note the Orbs in this photo taken in the Holy of Holies! The Light Beings are definitely there!)

We return to the cruise ship for breakfast and continue our sail up the Nile on our way to Aswan, in Upper Egypt You have free time to enjoy sailing this morning and during the afternoon. Perhaps you'd like to enjoy the on-board jacuzzi on the upper sun deck. Or maybe take a dip in the open-air swimming pool. If you'd like to book a long relaxing massage, the ship's massage therapist will be ready and waiting for you. Egypt-KomOmbo.jpg (9486 bytes)

In the late afternoon we round a bend in the Nile and behold the Temple of Kom Ombo, a magnificent edifice of energy-filled ruins overlooking the river. Our visit will take us through this famous dual temple dedicated to the Neters Sobek, the crocodile-headed Neter and Haoeris, (Horus the Elder), an early form of Horus. You will have meditation time to receive your initiation to balance the Light & Dark within yourself.

Afterwards we return to the cruise ship. Free time. Continue sailing; we arrive Aswan during the night. All meals onboard. Overnight Mirage Cruiseship.

Day 11. Thursday, November 2. Aswan: Free Time or Option to Temples at Abu Simbel;
Elephantine Island - Satet and Anuket Initiations; Felucca Ride;
Option: Sound/Light Show at Temple of Isis (B/L/D)

Egypt-AbuSimbel.jpg (7456 bytes)OPTIONAL TOUR - Abu Simbel: Early morning transfer to the airport for your flight to Abu Simbel, where you will meet your local guide. Located near the southern border of Egypt with Sudan, the Great Temple is dedicated to Ramesses II and Queen Nefertari, the love of his life. The temple's facade is dominated by four enormous seated statues of the Pharaoh, each over 67 feet high. The temples were shifted to higher ground in the 1960s as the waters of Lake Nasser began to rise following completion of the Aswan High Dam. After your time at these powerful temples, you board your return flight to Aswan. On arrival you'll be met by SSJs local tour representative who will assist you to transfer to the cruise ship.

Awake this morning to Aswan,
one of the world's most beautiful resort towns in all of Egypt, noted for its peace and quiet. Located on the First Cataract of the Nile and gateway to Nubia. With its colorful bazaar, laid-back atmosphere, warm and welcoming people and a lovely promenade along the Nile, Aswan is a favorite city in Egypt for many visitors from all over the world. 

Those who are not taking the optional tour will have time this morning for rest and relaxation. Lunch onboard.

We depart mid-afternoon to Elephantine Island, named for the Greek word meaning 'elephant'. The more common name for the city by ancient Egyptians was Sehel, which also meant 'elephant'. The name describes the city's function as a gate to the South, since elephants were basically brought from the Nubian lands souther of here.

We explore the ancient Temple of Khnum, the main cult center of the ram-headed creator god. Khnum was the Neter of fertility, water and the Great Potter who created children and their ka at their conception. The ka is the double that lingered on in the tomb inhabiting the body or even statues of the deceased, but was also independent of the body and could move, eat and drink at will.) Khnum is believed by some experts to have been a pre-dynastic Neter. He was the guardian of the source of the Nile, and was originally a Nile god who became a helper of Hapi, the present-day Neter associated with the Nile. Then his role changed from the river god to the one who made sure that the right amount of silt was released into the water during the Nile's annual inundation. He worked with the silt, the soil that the ancient potters used, and thus became the great potter who not only molded men and women, but who molded the Neters themselves, and even the world.

Satet was the principal female counterpart of Khnum and was also worshipped with him at Elephantine from time of great antiquity. She was the mother of Anuket see below. Her name comes from the word sat (to shoot, to eject, to pour out, to throw). She was the Neter of the inundation, or the yearly flooding of the Nile, and of fertility. In the Pyramid Texts, She is described as cleansing the Pharaoh with four jars of water from Elephantine. She was also connected with the star Sopdet, or Sirius, whose return to the night sky marked the beginning of the flood season. In ancient times Satet's temple in Elephantine was one of the principal holy places in Egypt.

Anuket, the daughter of Satet, was the Neter of the island of Sahal, near the First Cataract of the Nile, a little further south of Elephantine Island. She was originally a water goddess from Sudan. She was shown as a woman wearing a crown of ostrich feathers. Her name meant, "to embrace", meaning that her embrace during the annual Nile floods fertilized the fields.

In the Temple of Satet Andrea will facilitate our Satet and Anuket Initiations. Open to the ancient energies of both of these ancient Neter, embracing the aspect of Fertility that they represent within us, and especially as it relates to the element of Water.
Egypt-Aswan-Elephantine-Shrine.jpg (6370 bytes)

Afterwards we'll see a huge granite shrine, another amazing smoking gun that shows that the ancient pre-dynastic Egyptians used advanced machining techniques!  We can also surmise about what natural catastrophe in the distant past could have knocked this huge box over on its side. Again, we can use our psychic archaeology as we meditate next to this ancient artifact. Will you discover who built it? When? And why? .

Egypt-Aswan-FeluccaRide.jpg (9223 bytes)
For our return Aswan we'll enjoy a ride on a felucca, a Nubian sailboat, a peaceful and serene sail on the Nile. Bring your camera!

Return to the cruise ship.

OPTIONAL TOUR - Sound & Light Show at the Temple of Isis.

All meals onboard. Overnight Mirage Cruiseship.

Day 12. Friday, November 3
. Aswan: Disembark Cruise Ship; Temple of Isis - Isis Initiation;
Unfinished Obelisk (B/D)

After an early breakfast we depart for our PRIVATE ENTRANCE at the Temple of Isis on the Island of Agilkia, the small island where the temples that were on the nearby Island of Philae were moved to when the Aswan High Dam was completed in 1970. The name Philae comes from the ancient Egyptian word Pilak, meaning “the remote place.” This southernmost site in Egypt was the last outpost of the 4,000 year-old ancient Egyptian spiritual tradition that venerated Isis, the Neter of Healing and Magic, wife/sister of Osiris, and mother of Horus. Isis is the Greek version of her Egyptian name - Auset. She is the personification of feminine power and creation, and is thought to have such great power that she can raise the dead. Her other epithets are the Neter of Abundance, Cultivated Land, Death, Dreams, the Earth, Enchantment, Magic, Marriage, Reincarnation, Rituals, and Success. Her sacred colors are Green, Light Blue, and Red, and her sacred plants are Dates, Figs, Heather, and Onions. Isis' sacred animals are apes, cats, cows, eagles, geese, hawks, kites, lions, owls, rams, scorpions, snakes, sphinxes, swallows, and vultures. Her sacred gems are amethyst, aquamarine, beryl, carnelian, coral, emerald, jasper, lapis lazuli, moonstone, pearl, peridot, ruby, sapphire, and turquoise. She represents the direction of North.

Isis may be the oldest deity in Egypt, and certainly the oldest to survive in much the same form as in the ancient times. She may also be the most important, as She was worshipped almost universally by all Egyptians. As the major Goddess of the Egyptian pantheon, with many of the same attributes of other Mother Goddesses found all over the world, She was revered as the Great Protector, prayed to for guidance, and beseeched for peace in the world.. Her Egyptian name wass Auset, which meant "female of throne", i.e. Queen of the Throne. Teachings about the pre-dynastic Egyptians, from the oral tradition passed down through the ages, say that it was a matriarchal and matrilineal culture, and that the woman was the power behind the throne. The mother or sister chose the male who ruled. Thus the throne that is shown carved on Isis' head in hieroglyphs in the temples.

During the Greco-Roman period, this sacred island was the main cult center of Isis. Her worship lasted here until the 6th century CE, when it was outlawed by the Emperor Justinian. Though it died out here, Her influence spread to Greece and Rome and on throughout Europe. Some researchers believe that thee Black Madonnas found in many cathedrals were representations of Isis and Her son Horus.

In the pre-dawn we enter the Temple of Isis, where we'll welcome Her into Her shrine in the Holy of Holies. As Her priestesses
did in ancient times, we'll call in Her powerful magic! Then as the sun comes up, we'll offer our heartfelt requests for healing and transformation. Andrea will facilitate a
sacred Initiation into Her Divine Feminine Mysteries, supporting you to develop your healing powers for any new projects that you're bringing into manifestation, as well as to connect with moree Unconditional Love within yourself.

Egypt-Aswan-UnfinishedObelisk.jpg (7893 bytes)We return to the mainland, stopping for a brief visit at thee Unfinished Obelisk for a gander at this gigantic block of Aswan granite. Was it shaped by hand with copper chisels, as traditional Egyptology tells us? Or was it machined in the distant past by the ancient pre-dynastic Egyptians, and NOT carved by hand? Your eyes and intuition will tell you the truth!!

Afterward we visit a locall Papyrus Institute, where you’ll see a demonstration of how papyrus is made. And hear about how the papyrus plants are unfortunately dying out due to environmental pressures. You’ll also have the opportunity to shop for that perfect papyrus for yourself and / or someone else.

We then return to the
cruise ship; check out, disembark and transfer to our luxurious hotel located on a hill overlooking the city. Take time to settle into your room. Enjoy the hotel's excellent spa facilities. Perhaps you'd like to unwind with a massage or sauna? And then a dip in the pool? Lunch is on your own.

Optional Tour - Nubian Museum: Visit this newer museum with our guide Vivian. It houses an excellent collection of artifacts, all very well displayed.

In the late afternoon we'll visit the local souk, where you will be able to buy scarves, galabayahs, blouses and shirts, tablecloths andmore from Vivina's friend who is the local wholesaler to the vendors in the market! We'll also stop in at the spice market, where you can buy just about any kind of spice you can think of. They'll be expertly packaged so that you can easily take them home with you to enjoy in your cooking.

Return to the hotel. Group dinner at the hotel. Overnight Aswan. Basma Hotel.

Day 13. Saturday,
November 4. Return flight to Cairo; Free Time (B)

Egypt-Giza-MenaHouse-BalconyView-1.jpg (8071 bytes)We check out of the hotel this morning and depart to the airport. We board our return flight to Cairo. On arrival we transfer back to the Mena House Hotel. After checking into our rooms you have free time to rest. Lunch is on your own. Perhaps enjoy the swimming pool, take advantage of the spa facilities or enjoy a relaxing massage. Or if you booked a pyramid view room again, sit out on your balcony to meditate and open to the energy of the Great Pyramid, in preparation for our meditation there tomorrow.

Dinner on your own. Overnight Giza. Mena House Hotel.

Day 14. Sunday,
November 5. Giza: Free Time; Private Entrance into the Great Pyramid;
Farewell Dinner (B/D)

You have free time this morning to rest, relax, meditate and prepare for our entrance in to the Great Pyramid. Lunch is on your own.

Egypt-GreatPyramid-GrandGallery-Orbs2.jpg (11384 bytes)In the later afternoon we depart for our PRIVATE ENTRANCE into the Great Pyramid for meditation and exploration. As we climb up through the Ascending Passage and the Grand Gallery (left), watch out for Orbs - a sure sign that Light Beings are with us!

We enter the King's Chamber for our Closing Meditation and Initiation in the Higher Light Frequencies, aEgypt-GreatPyramid-ResonanceBox.jpg (9992 bytes) powerful ascension experience! In our private space away from the crowds, you will experience the ancient spiritual energies that are still palpable in this enigmatic edifice. Through meditation and sound resonance, you will be able to connect with more of your higher frequencies and open yourself to this final initiation experience.

Andrea will play the lapis crystal bowl to assist you in connecting with and integrating the resonant frequencies during our
Meditation & Initiation, which will focus on activating the inner alchemical force and the chakra centers of power along your spine. Your inner Ba or Spirit will awaken and rise up! Then, like the archetypal initiate, Osiris and the ancient Djedhi, you will be Kheper, the “Arisen One,” a term derived from Khephri, the “resurrected” beetle.

A Sharing from SSJs Director Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
The Stargate in the King's Chamber

Egypt-GreatPyramid-Andrea-ResonanceBox.jpg (8206 bytes)Since the first time I set foot in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid in 1999, I've had many spiritual and paranormal experiences that to my mind and heart prove to me that there is a Stargate, an interdimensional portal of epic proportions, in this enigmatic structure. And I'm not the only one! Many people who have traveled to Egypt with me over the last ten years have also had life-altering positive transformations there during and after our private entrances, which are replete with meditation, chanting, toning and prayer.

My first time to spend private time in the King's Chamber was during a site inspection that my husband Mark Amaru Pinkham and I made to Egypt in 1999, before leading our first tour there in 2000. We received the great blessing of a private entrance into the Great Pyramid, compliments of our generous ground operator in Cairo. We had almost two hours alone inside, just for the two of us. It was awesome, to say the least!

We took turns lying in the resonance box (photo above) to meditate. My peaceful meditation was filled with visions of a past life I'd had in Egypt. I was able to travel through the layers of no-time to experience what had occurred during an initiation in that very chamber. I gained great understanding and spiritual growth that has continued to inspire me during this lifetime. It was truly a very revealing and spiritually defining experience!

While Mark took his turn to meditate in the box, I sat in the middle of the room and chanted in Sanskrit for over an hour. (For those of you who may not be familiar with it, Sanskrit is an energy language, downloaded by the ancient enlightened masters from India, and taught in the Vedas and other spiritual texts. Chanting the various syllables enlivens specific areas in the body's chakras, releases energy and thus moves the transformative kundalini energy to ascend from the root to the crown, to create a dynamic shift in consciousness and spiritual growth.) Needless to say, my consciousness shifted immensely during my chanting, and I reached realms of bliss and joy I'd seldom experienced before. Later, as we exited the pyramid, I found that I didn't have words to accurately share what had happened to me. I felt invisible, knowing that I'd been altered at a very deep cellular memory level. This transcendent feeling stayed with me for many days, as we continued our journey south to Luxor and Aswan, and assisted me in reaching higher states of consciousness as we meditated in the sacred temples in those locations.

Here are a few experiences of our past group members on our Sacred Sites Journeys, during our time in the King's Chamber:

David got into the resonance box and lay on his back, arms to his sides and legs stretched out. During his few minutes that he spent meditating, I was standing beside the box holding sacred space for him and could see that he never moved. When his time was over, as we helped him out of the box to return to his seat, I could see that he was deeply moved by his experience. Several days later I was honored when he asked me if he could share it with me. He said that during his meditation, he'd felt enormous amounts of energy surging through his body and that he'd rocked back and forth so hard from side to side that he was worried that he was going to crack his head on the side of the box. He'd felt his kundalini move through all his chakras. When I told him that he'd never moved a muscle, needless to say, he was astounded!

When we enter the King's Chamber, I invite our group members to place their sacred power objects on an altar cloth that I place on the floor in the middle of the room. There have been several very unusual occurrences to these object, mainly to crystals, that have taken place during our meditations. Taryn placed her very clear quartz crystal pendant on the altar at the beginning of our meditation. When she picked it up afterwards she was amazed to see it contained pyramid-shapes within it!

At a different time with a different group, Mattje had placed a huge crystal point on the altar in the center of the chamber before our meditation began. After almost two hours of our toning, she discovered it had broken into two pieces!

There are many many more stories that I could share. For now, I hope I've given you enough to ponder and mull over in your mind and heart about what you too can experience, what your unique "magical moments" could be in the King's Chamber, as well as at the sacred temples we visit during our Spiritual Journey into Secret Egypt.

Return to the hotel. Farewell Dinner with the group. As we enjoy our last meal together here in this ancient land, we take time to share some of our more memorable experiences. And to say our sad, but fond Good-byes. We'll forever be the family we've become during this spiritual pilgrimage, and will stay in touch with each other as we return to our daily lives, forever changed in very positive ways!
Overnight Giza. Mena House Hotel.

Day 15. Monday, November 6. Depart Egypt (B)

Depart Egypt on your own. - Tour ends after breakfast. Check out and transfer to the Cairo International Airport. - Sacred Sites Journeys can arrange a private transfer to the airport at the end of the journey. Once you have registered and your international airfare is booked,  we can give you a quote for these additional services.

Note: This itinerary is subject to change due to conditions beyond our control.




Your Sacred Sites Journey to EGYPT Includes:
- Flights in Egypt: Cairo/Luxor and Aswan/Cairo
- 5*accommodations at the Mena House Hotel in Giza; Sonesta St. George Hotel in Luxor & Basma Hotel in Aswan; includes daily buffet breakfast, hotel taxes and service charges
- 5* Cruise Ship accommodations, including shore excursions, and all meals
- Other meals as per the itinerary
- Baggage handling at airport and hotels
- Pre-paid gratuities
- All site entrance fees

- Travel with other spirit-centered group in a smaller group
- Tour Director, Featured Speaker & Meditation Facilitator Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, Director of Sacred Sites Journeys and teacher of the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries
- Excellent English-speaking Egyptologist/Tour Guide Dr. Vivian Zaky, PhD.

Priestess Initiations:
- Ma'at Initiation "in the shadow of the pyramids"
- Tefnut, Nut and Bastet Initiations on the Giza Plateau
- Nephthys Initiation at Saqqara
- Sekhmet Initiation at Karnak
- Mut Initiation at Precinct of Mut
- Seshat Initiation at Abydos
- Hathor Initiation at Dendera
- Satet & Anuket Initiation at Aswan/Elephantine Island
- Isis Initiation at Aswan/Agilkia Island

GIZA & Nearby Area:
- Private entrance into the Great Pyramid
- Visit to the Giza Plateau: Includes the Valley Temple of Khafre, the Sphinx and other possible on-the-spot entries into tombs
- Visit to an Aromatherapist to learn about the ancient Egyptian practice of scent alchemy; optional psychic reading with aromatherapist/healer
- Sakkara, with visit to the Serapeum, the Step Pyramid and the "hospital"
- Karnak Temple, including meditation in the incomparable Sekhmet Chapel/Shrine in the Temple of Ptah
- Luxor Temple under the starry skies
- On the West Bank: Valley of the Kings (enter 3 tombs), plus option to visit Tomb of Tutankhamun; Hatshepsut's Temple to Amun
- Retail Therapy at Radwan Jewelers & Gallery
ABYDOS: - Temple of Osiris, including the Osierion, where you will view the Flower of Life
DENDERA: - Temple of Hathor, including the famous Dendera Zodiacs, the Crypt and the Birth House of Isis
- Temple of Horus at Edfu    - Dual Temple of Sokbek and Haoeris at Kom Ombo
- Private entrance to the island of Agilkia for early morning visit to Temple of Isis
- Unfinished Obelisk
- Temples of Khnum and Satet on Elephantine Island
- Felucca/sailboat ride on the Nile in Aswan
- Retail Therapy at wholesale scarf and galabayah warehouse, spice market and papyrus institute
- Visit to the Egyptian Museum
- Special Welcome and Farewell Dinners

- Temples at Abu Simbel, built by Ramses II for the love of his life, Queen Nefertari
- Aswan: Sound & Light Show at the Temple of Isis; Nubian Museum
- Luxor: Hot Air Balloon Ride over the West Bank of the Nile
- Cairo: Old Cairo

-  Roundtrip international airfare to Cairo, Egypt
- Egypt Tourist Visa (Currently: $15.00 US; easily obtained on arrival at Cairo International Airport; details to be provided in final itinerary for the journey.)
- Meals not included, as indicate in the itinerary
- Cost to obtain valid passport Must be valid for 6 months after the date of the tour.)
- Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, internet service and telephone calls. Any item not specifically detailed on the website or the final itinerary


Egypt-VivianZaki.jpg (13756 bytes)

EGYPT (Part 1): Mysteries of Egypt's Sacred Sites
Guest: Vivian Zaki, PhD, Egyptologist
To listen to an Mp3 recording of this program,
Click here

Links to Andrea Mikana-Pinkham's PHOTO ALBUMS on FACEBOOK

EGYPT: Giza Plateau - From our November 2014 Sacred Sites Journey

EGYPT: Ancient Technology at Giza, Dashour & Saqqara - From our November 2013 Sacred Sites Journey

EGYPT: The Temple of Hathor at DENDERA - From our November 2013 Sacred Sites Journey

EGYPT: Temple of Osiris at ABYDOS - From our November 2013 Sacred Sites Journey

EGYPT: Various locations from our 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 Sacred Sites Journeys

EGYPT: The Unfinished Obelisk & Quarry at ASWAN - From our April 2009 Sacred Sites Journey

EGYPT: Ancient Technology at Abusir and Abu Ghurob - From our November 2009 Sacred Sites Journey


Egypt-Aswan-MichelleH-June2011.jpg (40502 bytes)Every now and then your life takes an amazing turn into unexpected enchantment. My trip to Egypt with Sacred Sites Journeys was one of them. Thanks to Andrea, Vivian and all my new (or perhaps old) Sisters who shared this fantastic journey.
I will cherish the memory always
. Michelle H. - Australia

I felt totally safe everywhere we went. Andrea is particular about the people who work for her and they are all good people. The highlight of the trip for me was the spiritual experiences. The many ceremonies Andrea led us through assisted me in feeling vibrationally lighter,
as did the energy spots, the sacred places here in Egypt. Thank you Andrea for a well-planned trip to bring about the most sacred experiences. I am truly grateful
. Donna H. - Canada

Great trip! Wonderful way to see Egypt and its ancient wonders for a first-time explorer. Adding to that, the spiritual practices and knowledge imported to us by Andrea and Vivian brought the Gods and Goddesses to life. The energy in the temples must be experienced. It's beyond anything one could possibly imagine. Life-changing for sure. Through this Sacred Sites Journeys tour I've developed a love and connection with Egypt and its people that reaches to the depths of my heart and soul. Truly a transforming and fulfilling journey. Kathleen B. - USA

This Sacred Sites Journey to Egypt was so well organized, in all ways. I was taken care of individually in my spiritual and personal process during the tour. Andrea finds the very strong power spots. The meditations at them were powerful. It was fantastic to feel my own connection to the Gods and Goddesses. And the whole group was together in a sweet and loving atmosphere. Lone K. - DenmarkEgypt-Karnak-PameP-June2011.jpg (15498 bytes)

It is so hard to put into words my experience of this journey, yet I sum it up with - It was worth the 20+ years wait. From my first enquiry via email to Andrea I had all my questions, concerns, requests and guidance answered quickly. This tour was such an amazing experience. A top professional company. Vivian, our tour guide extraordinaire is a loving, giving, strong and supportive woman. She took care of us over and above her 'duties'.   Andrea's assistants in Egypt were all warm and professional. As for the 'journey', I had high expectations. And I leave the tour with all and more than I could ever even expected. Andrea, Vivian and the group connected as Sisters so quickly, which is acknowledgment of how spiritually sacred sites operate. I have had so many amazing spiritual experiences. I have definitely flown!
Andrea, you are a loving and strong Light, like Sekhmet. My dear Sisters, you sit in my heart. Thanks is too small a word for what I feel towards you all. I would and will be recommending Sacred Sites Journeys. AWESOME!
Pame P. - Australia

Egypt-LKramer.jpg (9360 bytes)I am finally "back". It took me more than a week to become familiar with this new, expanded self.  I woke up every night at 1:30 am to have breakfast (starving!)  I feel very quiet inside and at peace.  I want to thank Andrea for her gentle guidance and wisdom, her beauty as a person and for her commitment to the work.  Of course, I am still integrating and learning from the energies we received in Egypt, but so far as I can describe it, these energies are of an exquisite nature, very refined.  It is amazing that what was created in ancient times is today a calling for the world to transform.  How is this possible in the middle of such noise, dense population, dirt, etc., for these energies to just BE and CREATE change?  I love the mysteries - I love life!  People ask me "what was your favorite part?"  I stop to reflect, and all I can say is "everything!"   Egypt came in a package, and all of it was experiential.  I can't wait to go back. Liz K - MDEgypt-SPolanco.jpg (10821 bytes)

Egypt was the most magical and enlightening trip I have been on in the last several years. Andrea's expertise in calling in the energies of each site with sacred ceremony and chant made it very easy to accept the healing powers that were offered. The Grand Finale of being in the Great Pyramid for our private closing ceremony is an experience beyond words! Sandra P - NC

I felt throughout our journey that everyone treated us as VIPs. I will use your service in the future. Andrea is the best!
Nancy S - AK

Egypt-SSmith.jpg (13102 bytes)
The sacred journey to Egypt with Andrea was a beautiful experience, capturing the wonders of this ancient country, the hospitality and kindness of its people, and the essences of what one can only possibly perceive as ancient Egyptian spirituality and esotericism. The journey was as much about the outer work as it was the inner work. Andrea held space for all the tour participants to experience Egypt on many levels - from visits to the temples and sites to a deeper appreciation of our own inner temples. Our Egyptian guide/Egyptologist captured the beauty of ancient Egypt and remained enthusiastically supportive of each of our individual journeys. She became the group's Egyptian guardian. A lovely memory from Abydos reminds me of the unique blending of cultures, religions, and spirituality, which transpired over the course of those magical days together. Inside an exquisite antechamber, some of the group participants began chanting. We moved from chants of the Goddess to Christian mysticism to other traditions. We asked our guide to chant something from the Koran, which she did with kindness and enthusiasm. The temple guards joined her and then asked why she chanted from the Koran. She explained our request to them. In that moment, our beliefs were no different. All was experienced as One. Again and again, this type of magic happened throughout Egypt. And this magic brought wonder. And that magic also gave me a kick in the behind when needed. The journey was transformative. My life continues to transform as a result of the many gifts I received during that pilgrimage. Life cannot be the same after Egypt - thankfully so. Steve S, MBA, MA - Dream Therapist - CA

Andrea is an excellent tour director and our Egyptologist was an exceptional guide! Michael B - CA

What a rejuvenating trip. Instead of coming home tired, I came home super charged with energy. Instead of being "done" after I got back, it lit a fire in me that I hope never goes out. The power of the pyramids is phenomenal. The temple sites speak to you in a language that only the soul can interpret. When a journey like this sparks a beginning rather than an ending, you know you've transcended the sands of time. There are no more barriers.
Joanne D, MN
Egypt-LRen.jpg (7632 bytes)
The trip to Egypt exceeded all my expectations. The November weather was perfect with hot sunny days and cool nights. Each site was a gem and worth a longer, repeat visit. The carvings, hieroglyphs and paintings went beyond sheer beauty to offer layer upon layer of meaning. I appreciated the way Andrea and our guides managed our visits so we could get some "private time" in these very special places. I felt like I was both healed by and contributed to the healing of these ancient holy places as we toned and meditated in them. Our Egyptian guides were fantastic, providing insights and inspiring a deeper curiosity. Andrea and Vivian created and held a sacred space where we could all learn. I enjoyed my "Journey Sisters" as much as the journey itself. Everyone brought a special gift for the group. -
Lilith R, DC

Our sacred tour to Egypt was the most exciting, exhilarating experience for spiritual growth & expansion. Egypt is definitely the place to go to bring back knowledge of your past. It's an experience that all humanity must experience. The metaphysical Egyptologist and Tour Escort accomplished everything they said they would and provided it with passion. We were treated like kings and queens. The accommodations were 5 * - providing us with great views, food, pleasant service. Visiting all the different sites was spellbinding. - Michael C - Canada

I loved the Sacred Journey to Egypt! I had a great time! Andrea and her staff did a wonderful job! I want to go back!
Dottie D - CA

I'd love to write an eloquent commentary about my awesome trip to Egypt with Andrea and our group. Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to stuff my profound spiritual and emotional experiences into the limited confines of words. I'll simply say that healing and freedom that began there continues to unfold. I am deeply grateful for all my experiences and I am eager for my next journey to Egypt with Andrea! Patricia C, IL

What a wonderful journey it was to Egypt.  It was even more than what I expected.  Andrea, you did a phenomenal job!  Thank you again for the wonderful journey.  It is truly one I will never forget.  Dianne C - MO

The Sacred Journey to Egypt was fabulous! Thanks to our Ceremonialist Andrea Pinkham and our Egyptologist for all the positive energy! Ginny C - CA

Upon meeting Andrea and discussing the upcoming journey to Egypt I knew deeply in my soul that this was an experience of a lifetime and Andrea was the person I was to be led through this sacred land with.  I fail completely with words in attempting to describe the profound and life changing circumstances that occurred in Egypt and as an aftermath of Egypt. Three months later I am still processing and feeling the healing energies of our journey. My life will never be as it was, as this journey granted me clarity, courage, release of past wounds, an ability to receive love with a heightened ease and grace, and an expansion of spirit that can only be achieved via real experience.  I have found that real change touches on a much deeper level when I am away from all the "knowns" in life which keep me defined.  Andrea holds the space for genuine transformation to occur by creating a "safe" environment for body, mind, and soul.  She is a woman of great strength, knowledge, intuition and patience.  My heart is forever full and grateful for this magnificent experience.  From every part of me ~ Thank You. Lea M - CA


This tour is LAND ONLY. You are responsible to book your international flights to and from Cairo, Egypt (CAI).
For those departing from the USA and Canada, after you register, SSJ will be happy to refer you to our airline consolidator that can assist you to book your airline ticket.
ARRIVAL: Please arrive on Monday, October 23, 2017 early enough during the day to transfer to the hotel, check in and meet the group for our later afternoon Group Meeting. (If you can't arrive in time for this, we suggest that you arrive a day early. Once you register and book your airfare, we can give you quote for the additional night or nights at the hotel we'll be using for the group, as well as pre and post tour services - see below.)
DEPARTURE: For your departure on Monday, November 6, 2017, the tour ends after breakfast, so you can book your departure for anytime after that. Or if you prefer to forego breakfast, book your flight for anytime after midnight on the 6th.

Pre and/or Post Tour Services:
Sacred Sites Journeys can arrange a meet/greet upon your arrival at Cairo International Airport, and transfer in a private air-conditioned car to the hotel. We can also arrange a private transfer to the airport at the end of the journey. Once you have registered and your international airfare is booked,  we can give you a quote for these additional services.

Land ONLY, per person double occupancy: $4,149.00 - via check or bank wire *

Single Room Supplement: $1,295.00 - via check or bank wire *
This is the additional amount you will pay if you choose to have your own private room throughout the journey.

* There is an additional fee of $25.00 for bank wires sent from outside the USA.

Roommates: If you're not traveling with anyone you know, Sacred Sites Journeys will try to match you up with a suitable roommate.
Per our Terms and Conditions, we will hold the event registration open until 30 days or later before the tour begins in order to try to match you with someone. If by that time we have not been able to do so, you will be responsible to pay the single supplement. If you would like to be matched with a roommate, please register early.

ASWAN: Abu Simbel, including roundtrip flight from Aswan
$360.00 – via check or bank wire *

ASWAN: Isis Temple Sound & Light Show
$48.00 – via check or bank wire *

ASWAN: Nubian Museum
$36.00 – via check or bank wire *

LUXOR: Hot Air Balloon Ride
$200.00 - via check or bank wire *

CAIRO: Old Cairo
$65.00 – via check or bank wire *

 There is an additional fee of $25.00 for bank wires sent from outside the USA.



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