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Ancient Megalithic Sites of the Emerald Isle...and More!
June 16 - 24, 2018
with Dr. Robert Schoch and Tour Co-Host, his wife Katie Ulissey

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This Sacred Sites Journey to IRELAND is a GO!

On June 16, 2018 travelers from the USA & Australia
will meet in Shannon for the beginning of our journey to
the Ancient Megalithic Sites of the Emerald Isle...and more
with Dr. Robert Schoch and his co-host Katie Ulissey, his wife.

We are not able to take any additional group members.

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Join Dr. Robert Schoch and his wife Katie Ulissey
for an in-depth exploration and reanalysis
of some of the most ancient structures in Ireland,
while also enjoying and absorbing modern Irish hospitality.
Dr. Schoch is one of the foremost authorities regarding the
origins and extreme antiquity of civilizations around the world.
He has forced his fellow academics to rethink not only the when and why
of the beginnings of high culture and civilization,
but also the earliest dating of many ancient sites
- marshalling evidence demonstrating that in some cases
extremely ancient structures were reused in later, but still very ancient, times.
On this trip Dr. Schoch will share with you firsthand
his thoughts and insights on the megalithic structures of Ireland.

County Clare: Cliffs of Moher; Poulnabroune Dolmen, The Burren

County Galway:
Connemara National Park & Standing Stones and Dolmens

County Sligo:  Standing Stones and Dolmens, Knocknarea & Queen Mave's Cairn,
Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery

County Meath: Loughcrew Megalithic Cairns
UNESCO World Heritage sites of NEWGRANGE & KNOWTH, some of the oldest on the planet!
Donaghmore Round Tower
The Hill of Tara, the Mother Womb of Ireland, with the ancient Stone of Destiny,
which roared when the rightful High King was crowned

Dublin County: Dublin, Ireland's capital and largest city

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FEATURED SPEAKER: Dr. Robert M. Schoch
Author of Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future

For more information about Dr. Schoch, click here.

TOUR CO-HOST: Catherine (Katie) Ulissey,
Dr. Schoch's wife

For more information about Katie, click here.

TOUR DIRECTOR: Andrea Mikana-Pinkham,
Andrea-Newgrange-Dec2007.jpg (18669 bytes)

Director of Sacred Sites Journeys.
Andrea has led our tours to Ireland in the past in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2016.

For more information about Andrea, click here.

A Message from Andrea: This will be my 5th trip to the Emerald Isle and my 4th Sacred Sites Journeys group that I will support in the land of my ancestors; previous ones were in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2016. I invite you to join Dr. Schoch, his wife Katie and myself as we explore the amazing ancient megalithic sites, places that are alive with the secrets of their history! We'd be honored to support you to manifest your dream of traveling to Ireland, and will assist you to create the experience of a lifetime during this unique journey.

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Day 1.
Saturday, June 16. Arrive Shannon International Airport; Group Meeting; Welcome Dinner (D)

This tour is LAND ONLY. You are responsible to book your international flights to IRELAND. Please book your international air to arrive at Shannon International Airport (SNN) by 12:00PM in order to give yourself time to rest before our evening activities. See Day 13 for instructions for booking your departing flight from Dublin (DUB).

Arrive at Shannon Airport on your own. Once you’ve cleared immigration, baggage claim and customs, exit the arrivals hall and terminal and walk across the parking lot to the Radisson Park Hotel. (More detailed instructions will be included in your final itinerary, which will be sent to the group about ten days before the journey begins.) . - If you'd like to arrive in Ireland a day early in order to adjust to the time change, and would like for us to give you a quote for the additional night at the Park Hotel, please notify us with your registration. Thanks.

Check into the hotel. Please note check in may not be possible before 3PM.

5:00PM - Group Meeting in the conference room at the hotel. After welcomes and introductions, Andrea Mikana-Pinkham will share a presentation “The History of Ireland: Fascinating Ancient Legends and Early Kings.”

7:00PM - Enjoy our group Welcome Dinner at the hotel. Drinks not included; this will be the case at all dinners. The food served to you at all meals included in your travel package - breakfast, optional boxed lunches and dinners - will be organic, non-GMO.
Overnight Shannon. Park Hotel, at the Shannon International Airport.

Day 2. Sunday, June 17. Clare to Galway: Cliffs of Moher; The Burren; Group Meeting (B/D)

Right: Cliffs of Moher, Poulnabroune Dolmen, The Burren

6:00AM onwards – Breakfast at your leisure.
8:00AM – Luggage outside your door.
8:45AM – Turn in your room key; pay any charges incurred to your room. Be in the lobby ready to depart.
9:00AM – Depart from our hotel in Shannon for Galway.

Our first stop will be at the Cliffs of Moher. Situated on the Atlantic Ocean and bordering the Burren Area, the Cliffs of Moher are one of Ireland's most spectacular sights. Standing over 750 ft. above the ground at their highest point and almost 5 miles long, the Cliffs boast one of the most amazing views in Ireland. On a clear day, the Aran Islands are visible in Galway Bay as well as the valleys and hills of Connemara. To the south of the cliffs is Hag's Head and was once the site of a castle. The cliffs reach their highest point just north of O' Brien's Tower. Cornelius O’ Brien, a descendant of Brian Boru (who defeated the Vikings in battle), built a Tower at the cliffs in order to enjoy some tea with his lady friends. The Tower is adjacent to the sea stack, Breanan Mór, which stands over 230 ft. above the foaming waves and is home to some of the Burren’s wildlife. Atlantic Edge, the exciting new interpretive center at the Cliffs of Moher, which is built into the natural landscape, is a huge domed cave that contains images, exhibits, displays & experiences exploring different elements of the mighty Cliffs of Moher: Ocean, Rock, Nature and Man.

Lunch on your own – Please note that all lunches throughout the journey will be on your own. We will not be stopping for lunch in restaurants. Instead you’ll have the opportunity to pre-order a box lunch for each day. Some people may prefer to eat a hearty breakfast and skip lunch per se, some people may bring a supply of “power bars” and other snacks to eat during the day and (depending on where we are any particular day) use their “lunch time” to shop and/or for further sightseeing, some may decide to grab a bite or snack from a local establishment or vendor, and some may prefer to arrange for a box lunch. Special diets can be requested. Price: Approximately $20.00 per day, including a bottle of water, dependent on the currency exchange rate in place at that time. Orders are to be placed 24 hours in advance and will be coordinated by your Tour Director Andrea Mikana-Pinkham.

After leaving the Cliffs, we’ll travel through The Burren in County Clare, part of which forms the Burren National Park. The land is composed of limestone pavements which have been eroded to a distinctive pattern crisscrossed by cracks known as grykes. A myriad of wild flora grows in them, which is a mixture of Arctic and Mediterranean flowers such as gentian and orchids. Huge caves and rivers which flood suddenly when it rains are found under them.

The Burren contains megalithic portal tombs. The most famous is the Poulnabroune Dolmen.. (Poll Na mBrón in Irish means "hole of the quern stones".) This tomb was in use during the Neolithic (but, as Dr. Schoch will explain, could have its origins much earlier). Radiocarbon dates place its use between 3,800 - 3,600 BCE. During excavations in the 1980's one portal stone was replaced, and the chamber, portico and cairn were excavated. The remains of nearly two dozen individuals from the Neolithic were found. Sixteen adults, six children, and one newborn (from the Bronze Age) were among the remains. Their bodies were not cremated. Only one adult was over the age of 40, while most died before they reached 30. Most of the children were between the ages of five and fifteen. The skeletal remains show evidence of arthritis. The tip of a flint or chert projectile point was found embedded in the hip of one individual. Two other healed fractures, one skull and one rib, were also found. Dental wear analysis showed evidence for the consumption of stone-grounded cereals. Also found in the burial chamber was a polished stone axe, 2 stone beads, a decorated bone pendant, a fragment of a mushroom-headed bone pin, 2 quartz crystals, several sherds of coarse pottery, and a number of arrowheads and scrapers.

We then continue to our hotel in Galway and check-in.

5:00PM – Gather for our Group Meeting in the hotel conference room for a Presentation by Dr. Robert Schoch, placing the sites we visit in Ireland within the context of his overall research regarding the extreme antiquity of civilization – dating back to before the end of the last ice age (circa 9700 BCE).

7:00PM - Enjoy our group dinner at the hotel.
After dinner you have an exceptional optional opportunity to experience Irish Music and Dancing at Trad on the Prom.
From Andrea Mikana-Pinkham: I invite you to join Robert, Katie and myself for this very authentic performance by some of the most professional Irish musicians and dancers in all the Emerald Isle. As well as internationally! I took our 2016 tour group to it. And it was one of the big highlights of the journey for many of us! (Note: You are responsible to book your tickets online at

Overnight Galway. Connacht Hotel.

Day 3. Monday, June 18. Galway to Westport: Connemara National Park;
Standing Stones & Dolmens; Group Meeting (B/D)

Left to Right: Connemara National Park & Standing Stone in County Galway

6:00AM onwards – Breakfast at your leisure
8:00AM – Luggage outside your door.
8:45AM – Turn in your room key; pay any charges incurred to your room. Be in the lobby ready to depart.
9:00AM – Depart from our hotel in Galway on our way to Westport, County Mayo. We’ll travel through Connemara National Park, a vast peninsula bordered by the arid and rocky coastline of Galway Bay in the south. Connemara, a land of lakes and rivers, bogs and mountains, has many small villages with stone walls and thatched cottages. Gaelic is still the spoken language there, where little has changed since the beginning of time. It's without a doubt the wildest and the most romantic part of Ireland. On its northern shore the land is harsher and more secret, with spectacular views of the ocean and the beautiful fjord of Killary Harbour, as well as the steep mountains overlooking numerous lakes and large bog areas. Some of the Park's mountains, namely Benbaun, Bencullagh, Benbrack and Muckanaght, are part of the famous Twelve Bens range. It was established and opened to the public in 1980. Connemara is a real paradise for Nature lovers and those in search of strong emotions.

Lunch on your own. – optional box lunch available as described under Day 2.

During our drive onwards to Westport, we’ll stop to explore a number of standing stones and dolmens located along the route. As we explore together the various sites with Andrea Mikana-Pinkham and our local contacts, Dr. Schoch will be available to comment on them, offering both the traditional interpretations of the sites and structures, and also placing them into the context of new thinking regarding the possible extreme antiquity, and later reuse, of some sites – an antiquity that in some cases may harken back to the end of the last ice age, some 12,000 years ago.

We continue to our hotel in Westport and check in.

5:30PM – Gather for our Group Meeting in the hotel conference room for a Presentation by Dr. Robert Schoch, during which he will review his latest research on the causes of the end of the last ice age (circa 9700 BCE) and the solar outburst-induced catastrophes that brought about the demise of the earlier cycle of civilization, evidence and remains of which can be identified the world over, including here in Ireland as we explored during the day on our way to Westport. We will elaborate on these themes as we continue our journey through Ireland.

7:30PM - Enjoy our group dinner at the hotel.
Overnight Westport. Westport Coast Hotel.

Day 4. Tuesday, June 19. Westport to Sligo: Standing Stones & Dolmens (B/D)

Labby Rock/Carrickglass Dolmen

6:00AM onwards – Breakfast at your leisure.
8:00AM – Luggage outside your door.
8:15 to 8:45AM – Gather in the hotel conference room for a Presentation by Andrea Mikana-Pinkham: “Irish Gods and Goddesses”.
8:45AM – Turn in your room key; pay any charges incurred to your room. Be in the lobby ready to depart.
9:00AM – Depart from Westport and journey for Sligo.
Lunch on your own. – optional box lunch available as described under Day 2.

Making our way to Sligo, we’ll stop to explore in particular various cairns, “tombs” (Were they originally tombs? Dr. Schoch will discuss this question.), and dolmens located along the route. While exploring the various sites together, Dr. Schoch will be available to answer questions and comment on the structures, placing them within the framework of new research on some of the earliest known evidence of sophisticated culture and civilization.

We then continue to our hotel in Sligo and check in.

7:00PM - Enjoy our group dinner at the hotel.
Overnight Sligo. Sligo Park Hotel.

Day 5. Wednesday, June 20. Sligo: Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery; Knocknarea & Maeve’s Cairn (B/D)

Left to Right: Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery; Maeve's Cairn on top of Knocknarea

6:00AM onwards – Breakfast at your leisure.
9:15AM – Be in the lobby ready to depart
9:30AM – Depart to visit Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery. There are over 60 stone circles and passage tombs here, making it one of the largest Stone Age cemeteries in Europe. It’s also among Ireland’s oldest cemetery of megalithic tombs, with monuments ranging from an amazing 5500 to 6500 years
old according to traditional chronologies (which Dr. Schoch will discuss – in some cases, the origins go back even further). Of the over 60 tombs that archaeologists have recorded, 30 are visible. The setting of the graveyard suggests a careful selection. We’ll learn more about this during our guided tour.

Return to the hotel. You have a bit of time for lunch on your own at the hotel restaurant.

1:45PM – Be in the lobby ready to depart
2:00PM – Depart for Knocknarea and a
walk up to Maeve’s Cairn. Knocknarea, where the 1,100 ft. high Knocknarea (Cnoc Na Ri or "Hill of the Moon") mountain dominates the Cuil Irra peninsula. It reveals a connection with astronomy, which is supported by its position in line with the Carrowkeel passage mounds, suggesting that this hill was likely once a significant part of the prehistoric landscape. Knocknarea seems to have been a major place of ritual and meeting in the Neolithic era. The entire top of the mountain on the eastern side is circumscribed by a approximately half-mile long embankment, 6 ft. wide and 3 ft. tall. Hut sites have been located on the inside of this area. A large amount of debris from manufacturing stone tools has been collected.

Sitting on top is Queen Maeve's Cairn, there is a Neolithic passage tomb that has been dated to around 3000 BCE. The cairn consists of about 40,000 tons of stone, 180 ft. wide by 33 ft. high. It’s never been excavated, despite speculation that a tomb on the scale of the one at Newgrange (which we will visit tomorrow) lies buried below. The huge cairn is said to be the grave of the legendary Iron Age Queen Maeve, whose father, the high king of Ireland, gave her the province of Connacht as a gift. Who is to say that Queen Maeve was not tucked into an existing monument? It is considered bad luck to remove a stone from the cairn, and good luck to take one up the hill with you to deposit on it.

Return to the hotel.

7:00PM - Enjoy our group dinner at the hotel.
Overnight Sligo. Sligo Park Hotel.

Day 6. Thursday, June 21 – Summer Solstice! Sligo to Meath: Donaghmore Round Tower;
Newgrange and Knowth (B/D)

Left to Right: Newgrange and Knowth

6:00AM onwards – Breakfast at your leisure.
8:00AM – Luggage outside your door.
8:45AM – Turn in your room key; pay any charges incurred to your room. Be in the lobby ready to depart.
9:00AM – Depart Sligo and travel to Meath.

Upon arrival in County Meath, we’ll visit the Donaghmore Round Tower, which is located in an old cemetery near Navan. This site was originally known as Domnach Mór - the Great Church. It’s believed that St. Patrick founded a monastery here in the 5th century, and he left it in the care of his disciple St Cassan. The round tower which dates to the 11th century is the oldest of the remaining features at this site. It’s typical of the round towers built in Ireland during the times of the Norse (Viking) Invasions. At 110 ft high and with a circumference of 66 ft at its base, it’s built of undressed limestone. The tripartite arched doorway has rounded mouldings. It has a head on either side above the jambs. One unusual feature of the tower is that there are no windows in the bell storey, which normally has four windows, each facing the four cardinal points. It’s assumed that they were omitted during some restoration work by a previous owner in 1841.

Lunch on your own. – optional box lunch available as described under Day 2.

 We continue on to one of the world's most famous archeological valleys, the Boyne Valley, 30 miles north of Dublin. Here the development of humanity can be traced back over 9,000 years to Neolithic times, with many well-preserved sites, buildings and monuments. The highlight of our visit is to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Newgrange, the most visited archaeological site in Ireland. We arrive at the Newgrange & Knowth Visitor Center, where you’ll have some time to visit the on-site museum.

1:00PM – We enjoy our guided tour of Newgrange’s spectacular world-famous passage grave containing kerb stones engraved with megalithic art. According to standard archaeologists, it's over 5000 years old; the most reliable carbon 14 dates offer that it was constructed around 3,200 BCE (or, Dr. Schoch asks, was it simply being reused at that time?). It's a truly massive structure, measuring 250 ft. in diameter by 40 ft. height and it contains over 200,000 tons of earth and stone in its fabric. Indeed, its glistening façade of quartz is one of the country’s most memorable vistas. The most stunning example of megalithic art at Newgrange is the beautifully carved entrance stone with its Triple Goddess spiral. The Tuatha Dé Danaan, who ruled Ireland in ancient mythology, were said to have erected Newgrange as a burial place for their chief, Dagda Mór, and his three sons. (NOTE: For the visit to Newgrange, we've reserved space for 2 groups back to back to enter the passage tomb. Those who will enter in the first group with Dr. Schoch will be chosen by the date of your registration. Once that group is filled, others will enter in the second group with Katie and Andrea.)

Afterwards we’ll visit Knowth. The Great Mound there is said by archaeologist to have been built over 5000 years ago, probably after the construction of Newgrange. It’s similar in size to Newgrange and is surrounded by 18 smaller satellite mounds. It has two passages with entrances on opposite sides; the western passage is 112 ft. and the eastern is 132 ft. long, ending with a cruciform chamber. 

We then leave the Boyne Valley and continue on to our hotel to check in.

7:00PM -
Enjoy our group dinner at the hotel.
Overnight Enfield, County Meath. Johnstown House Hotel.

Day 7. Friday, June 22. To Loughcrew Cairns; Hill of Tara; to Dublin (B/D)

Left to Right: Loughcrew Megalithic Cairns, Stone of Destiny at Hill of Tara

6:00AM onwards – Breakfast at your leisure.
8:00AM – Luggage outside your door.
8:45AM – Turn in your room key; pay any charges incurred to your room. Be in the lobby ready to depart.
9:00AM – Depart to visit Loughcrew Megalithic Cairns, which some say is the best kept secret in archaeological Ireland. In a landscape of inspiring beauty and intriguing history, the cairns form the largest complex of passage graves in Ireland. Carnbane East includes Cairn T, a roofed structure with excellent engravings.

While, the illumination of the passage and chamber at the Winter solstice sunrise in Newgrange is world famous, less well known is the Equinox illumination at sunrise in Cairn T at Loughcrew. The backstone of the chamber is illuminated by a beam of light at sunrise on the Spring and Autumnal Equinoxes. The sun light is shaped by the stones of the entrance and passage and descends the back stone while moving from left to the right illuminating the solar symbols.

Lunch on your own. – optional box lunch available as described under Day 2.

We continue on to the Hill of Tara, arriving early afternoon at this ancient site that is said to represent the mother womb of Ireland. The Hill was the ancient seat of power in Ireland - 142 kings are said to have reigned there in prehistoric and historic times. In ancient Irish religion and mythology it was the sacred dwelling place of the Tuatha Dé Dannan, and was the entrance to the Otherworld. Sitting on top of the King's Seat is a replica of the most famous of Tara's monuments, Ireland's ancient coronation stone, known as the Lia Fail or Stone of Destiny. According to mythology, it was brought here by the Dannan as one of their sacred objects. It was said to roar when touched by the rightful king!

1:30PM - We have a short guided tour of the site. Then you have free time afterwards for individual exploration.

Afterwards, we continue to Dublin and check into our hotel in the heart of the city.

7:00PM - Enjoy our group dinner at the hotel.
Overnight Dublin. The Gresham Riu Plaza Hotel.

Day 8.
June 23. Dublin: Free Time; Farewell Dinner (B/D)

  Left to Right: Row 1 - National Museum of Archaeology & History: Ardagh Chalice and Tara Brooch; Row 2 - St. Stephen's Green, Grafton Street

6:00AM onwards – Breakfast at your leisure.

You have free time today for rest and relaxation and/or personal exploration in this ancient yet modern city.
Perhaps you'd like to visit the National Museum of Archaeology and History, with its phenomenal collection of artifacts from every period of Irish history. View the famous Sheela-na-Gigs, an ancient symbol of empowerment for women from ancient times. You can also see the famous Tara Brooch, an exquisite example of Celtic gold and silver metalwork dating to the beginning of the 8th century, as well as the early 9th-century Ardagh Chalice made of silver, gold, and bronze. The museum also houses the Gundestrup Cauldron, found in a peat bog at Gundestrup, Denmark and considered an outstanding example of Celtic art. You can also view several human bodies that were recovered from bogs!

The Book of Kells - This is without a doubt the most fabulous treasure of Ireland. Located in the heart of lovely Trinity College in the center of the city, this museum brilliantly explains the creation of illuminated manuscripts by the early medieval monks. But, the best part is the Book of Kells itself, a transcendent work of art that took generations to produce. Stick your nose up close and lose yourself in the intricate swirls and images of this staggering masterpiece. And, for a suitable encore, you exit the museum through The Long Room, a work of art in itself that houses 200,000 old and rare books.

Dublin Writer’s Museum - Ireland has produced four Nobel prize winners and this magnificent eighteenth-century mansion in the north city center celebrates the island's literary tradition. Books, letters, and portraits bring to life Swift, Sheridan, Shaw, Wilde, Yeats, Joyce, and Beckett.

Enjoy a City Tour of Dublin at your own pace on the Hop On Hop Off tour bus. There are more than 25 stops covering all the city’s highlights, including Trinity College, St Patrick’s Cathedral and Dublin Castle. The ticket grants you unlimited hop-on, hop-off access, and with frequent departures, your valuable Dublin sightseeing time will not be wasted waiting for the next bus. Your Hop-On, Hop-Off ticket also includes a FREE Dublin Walking Tour.

Or perhaps you'd like to take a stroll on your own through St Stephen's Green, the city park. A large lake spans much of the length of the park. Home to ducks and other water fowl, it’s fed by an artificial waterfall, spanned by O'Connell bridge, and fronted by an ornamental gazebo. Take some time to sit and relax, and people and duck watch.

If you're up for some retail therapy, head to Grafton Street. There are many shops to explore there, as well as in the shopping center named for it!

Lunch is own your own. No box lunches available today; there are many fine restaurants in the city.

7:00PM - Enjoy our group Farewell Dinner at the hotel.
Overnight Dublin. The Gresham Riu Plaza Hotel.

Day 9. Sunday, June 24. Depart Ireland (B)

6:00AM onwards – Breakfast at your leisure.
The tour ends with breakfast this morning.

Once you register and the tour has the minimum number of participants needed to operate it, you will be notified to book your international flights, arriving in Shannon and departing from Dublin. After you book them, please notify Andrea Mikana-Pinkham at of your airline schedule if you would like a quote for an arranged transfer from the hotel in Dublin to the Dublin International Airport. We will arrange shared transfers in taxis or minivans for those whose flights are departing within a hour or so of each other.

NOTE: This itinerary is subject to change due to conditions beyond our control.


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Your Sacred Sites Journey to IRELAND Includes:
- Accommodations in charming Irish hotels (includes taxes, service charges & daily breakfast)
- Daily breakfast;
8 dinners; option to purchase a box lunch on Days 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7
- Air-conditioned motorcoach transportation throughout with driver/guide; toilet onboard
- Sightseeing as per the itinerary, including entrance fees
- Pre-Paid Gratuities
- Local Guide at Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, Newgrange/Knowth and the Hill of Tara

Special Features
- Travel in a group of like-minded people with Featured Speaker Dr. Robert Schoch and Catherine (Katie) Ulissey, his wife and Co-Host
- Fully escorted from Shannon by SSJ's Director Andrea Mikana-Pinkham 
- Two Presentations by Dr. Robert Schoch; two Presentations by Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
- Galway area: Cliffs of Mohrer; Poulnabroune Dolmen, The Burren
- Connemara National Park and various standing stones and dolmens
- Sligo area: Various standing stones and dolmens; Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery; Knocknarea & Queen Maeve's Cairn
- Donaghmore Round Tower
- UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Newgrange & Knowth
- Loughcrew Megalithic Cairns and the Hill of Tara
- Free time in Dublin
- Welcome and Farewell Dinners

- Roundtrip international air to Ireland (Arrive Shannon/Depart Dublin)
- Meals not included, as indicated in the itinerary
- Cost to obtain valid passport
- Group transfer from Dublin hotel to Dublin International Airport at the end of the tour - An optional private transfer can be arranged for you by Sacred Sites Journeys; please inquire.
- Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, internet and telephone calls. Any item that is not specifically detailed on the SSJ website or final trip itinerary

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This tour is LAND ONLY. You are responsible to book your roundtrip international flights.
Please book your international arrival on Saturday, June 16, 2018 to arrive at Shannon International Airport by 12:00PM  in order to give yourself time to rest before our evening group meeting and welcome dinner.
Please book your international departure on
Sunday, June 24, 2018 to depart from Dublin International Airport.

LAND ONLY, Per Person, double occupancy: $2,429.00 - for payments via check or bank wire

If you'd like to use your credit card to pay for this journey, please contact Andrea Mikana-Pinkham at for more information.

Single Room Supplement: This
is the additional amount you will pay if you choose to have your own private room throughout the tour.
Single Room for 1st - 3rd person: $425.00 - for payments via check or bank wire
Single Room for 4th person and more: $635.00 - for payments via check or bank wire

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We are not able to take any additional group members.

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Sacred Sites Journeys are smoke-free sacred travel experiences.
All forms of tobacco, as well as e-cigarettes are not allowed at any time.
Thanks for your cooperation.

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