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Since 1994...Spiritual Pilgrimages
to the world's most important Sacred Sites
to enliven your Body, Mind and Spirit

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The Power of Travel to Transform Our Lives


Sacred Sites Journeys

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Founders Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
& Mark Amaru Pinkham

Andrea and Mark founded their first sacred travel company in August 1993,
and have operated and led yearly spiritual pilgrimages to the world's sacred sites for the last 20 years.

AndreaMikana-Pinkham-April2012.jpg (35185 bytes)        MarkAmaruPinkham3.jpg (10001 bytes)

Andrea is the Director of Sacred Sites Journeys,
as well as a Featured Speaker, Meditation Facilitator and Tour Director
on our sacred journeys to EASTER ISLAND, EGYPT, ENGLAND, 

Mark is a Featured Speaker and Meditation Facilitator on our spiritual pilgrimages to EASTER ISLAND, EGYPT and SCOTLAND, as well as our SEDONA Vortex Tour Guide.

For more information about Andrea and Mark,
Click here

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twinkle2.gif (3367 bytes)2014 Sacred Sites Journeys

new_spinning_button.gif (1455 bytes) APRIL 2014: EASTER ISLAND

TahaiMoai-Sunset-Med.jpg (12703 bytes)

With Andrea Mikana-Pinkham and Mark Amaru Pinkham
Sacred Journey to Mysterious Easter Island, April 27 - May 3, 2014


JUNE  2014:
Sacred Sites & 3-Day Mystical Retreat at Machu Picchu
June 15 - 25, 2014
Post-Tour Extensions:
1) Lake Titicaca: June 25th - 29th
2) and Tiahuanaco/Puma Punku, Bolivia: June 29th - July 1st

AndreaMikanaPinkham-Peru-June2009.jpg (17606 bytes)

With Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
Andean Shamanic Practitioner
and Mesa Carrier in the Inca Spiritual Tradition
Andrea has been leading our spiritual pilgrimages yearly to Peru since 1994.

This Sacred Sites Journey to PERU is open to a group of 15 for the maintour,
and a minimum of 8 for the Lake Titicaca Extension and 5 for the Bolivia Extension.
The group is already half full!
Registration closes May 30, 2014, or sooner if the group fills before that date.
In order to be assured of your place in the group, we encourage you to register NOW!

According to Andean Elders and the Dalai Lama the most powerful center of earth energies shifted from the Himalayas
(masculine energy) to the Andes (feminine energy) a little over 17 years ago.

Since that time, many serious spiritual seekers have been drawn to come home
to the powerful nurturing energies of the Andes, to connect with the Pachamama, the Mother Earth,
for their own personal healing.

The ancient Inca legend of the Pachacuti ("Turning of the World") or the New Dawn or New Sunrise
says that when the Eagle from the North flies with the Condor from the South,
peace will return to the Americas and spread throughout our world.

Travel with us to meet your Condor brothers and sisters
and experience the peace of the Pachamama
as Her Children extend to you their heartfelt welcome to this spiritual wonderland.

You'll be able to participate in the connection of the energies with your South American
"Condor" Brothers and Sisters....assisting in the fulfillment of the ancient prophecy of returning peace to our Earth!

Peru-MachuPicchu-SunTemple.jpg (45645 bytes)     Peru-LakeTiticaca-Mesa.jpg (25597 bytes)    Peru-MachuPicchu-6-Putucusi.jpg (7244 bytes)

twinkle.gif (912 bytes)Mystical Retreat at Machu Picchu, the ancient City of Light twinkle.gif (912 bytes)
During our 3 days at one of the world's most powerful sacred sites,
we'll have three entrances into Machu Picchu for group and individual exploration.

And while we're at the ancient site, Andrea will faciliate meditations and sacred ritua
to assist you to tap into the transformational energies that are still present in its various temples.

For more information about our June 2014 Sacred Sites Journey to PERU, visit:
Sacred Sites and 3-Day Mystical Retreat at Machu Picchu, June 15 - 25, 2014

new_spinning_button.gif (1455 bytes) AUGUST  2014: SCOTLAND
Ancient Land of Sacred Sites & Enduring Mysteries
August 2 - 10, 2014
Post-Tour Extension to the Megalithic Wonderland of the Orkney Islands
August 10 - 15, 2014

Scotland-RosslynChapel-Exterior14.jpg (15639 bytes)

With Mark Amaru Pinkham
Author, Visionary, Knight Templar, Shamanic Practitioner and Researcher/Teacher
of the Goddess Tradition and Ancient Megalithic History
and Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
Lady Knight Templar, Shamanic Practitioner and Researcher/Teacher of the Goddess Tradition
and Ancient Megalithic History and Director of Sacred Sites Journeys
Andrea and/or Mark have been leading our spiritual pilgrimages to Scotland since 2004.

This Sacred Sites Journey to SCOTLAND is open to a group of 15 for the main tour,
and 10 for the Orkney Island Extension. The group is filling!
Due to the this spiritual pilgrimage being during high season, hotel bookings must be confirmed well in advance.
Therefore, we must have a minimum of 10 people registered for the main tour by June 1, 2014 in order to be able to operate it.
Please make your plans and reservation early!
IMPORTANT! We will not be offering another Sacred Sites Journey to Scotland for a while,
so if the Bonny Isle is beckoning you, we invite you to come with us NOW!

Bonnie Scotland beckons you to come and explore its vast beauty and immeasurable treasures!

History buffs, archeologists, nature lovers and the adoring connoisseurs of quaint and regal Scottish culture
will all find something to cherish in this magnificent land of wind-swept emerald hills, pastures and glens.

Scotland’s historical tradition dates back to 3500 BCE and includes many of the oldest Neolithic settlements in Europe,
including Kilmartin Glen, Temple Wood Stone Circle, and Maes Howe in the Orkney Islands.

Scotland-Kilmartin-NetherLargieStone.jpg (12837 bytes)   Scotland-LochNess-CorrimonyChamberedCairn.jpg (12560 bytes)   Scotland-TempleWoodStoneCircle4.jpg (19600 bytes)   
Scotland-Orkneys-StonesOfStennes-1.jpg (13436 bytes)

The magic of the Celts and their enlightened Druids also survives in Scotland at many power spots, such as the Island of Iona,
which was anciently known as the “Island of the Druids.”

Scotland is, of course, the land of the fiercely independent Scots,
the hardy breed of bagpipe-playing Highlanders clothed in colorful tartan kilts
who courageously threw off the yoke of the imperialist English.
It is the land of the indomitable Scottish leader William Wallace (remember Braveheart?),
as well as the adopted home of the mighty Knights Templar
who helped the Scots achieve independence at the Battle of Bannockburn
and then deposited their esoteric secrets and Holy Grail treasures in such mysterious places as Rosslyn Chapel.

If you listen closely you can still hear the voices of the ancient Knights echoing throughout the land: “Come to Scotland,”
they say,  “the land where great mystery and adventure never sleeps!”

For more information about our August 2014 Sacred Sites Journey to SCOTLAND, visit:
Ancient Land of Sacred Sites & Enduring Mysteries - August 2 - 10, 2014
with Post-Tour Extension to the Orkney Islands - August 10 - 15, 2014

AUGUST  2014:
August 17 - 23, 2014

England-Stonehenge-Shining.jpg (19111 bytes)

With Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
Shamanic Practitioner and Researcher/Teacher of the Goddess Tradition
and Ancient Megalithic History & Director of Sacred Sites Journeys
Andrea has been leading our spiritual pilgrimages to England since 2004.

This Sacred Sites Journey to ENGLAND is open to a group of 10. We only have 2 places left!
Due to the this spiritual pilgrimage being during high season,
hotel and B and B bookings must be confirmed well in advance.
Therefore, we must have a minimum of 10 people registered for the main tour
by July 1, 2014 in order to be able to operate it.
Please make your plans and reservation early!
Registration closes July 21, 2014, or sooner if the group fills before that date.

Join us for this spiritual pilgrimage to Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Avebury, Crop Circles,
Stanton Drew, Bath and on to a post-tour excursion in Cornwall and more.

England-GlastonburyTor-1.jpg (12399 bytes)   England-Glastaonbury-ChaliceWell-2.jpg (21657 bytes)    England-StantonDrewStoneCircle.jpg (23061 bytes)   EnglandAvebury.jpg (19017 bytes)

Experience and explore some of the most powerful sacred sites on Earth!

Experience the powerful energies and understand the esoteric significance
of the mysterious stone circles and other power spots
that will come alive for you, as you
walk the ancient pathways
and connect with the rich legacy of the
Celtic Goddess Tradition and its Avalonian Mysteries.

Participate in meditations, sacred ceremonies and initiations!

Private Entrances for our Group for Sacred Ceremony and Meditation

1) Inside the circle at Stonehenge

England-Stonehenge-3.jpg (11969 bytes)

2) GLASTONBURY: The Well House for the White Spring

3) GLASTONBURY: Goddess Temple with Lynne Orchard, Priestess of Avalon

4) BATH: The
Cross Bath thermal bath

For more information about our August 2014 Sacred Sites Journey to ENGLAND, visit:
Spiritual Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites - August 17 - 23, 2014

new_spinning_button.gif (1455 bytes) SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER  2014: TURKEY
Ancient Temples & Sacred Sites of the Great Goddess
September 14 - 28, 2014
Post-Tour Extension to Gobekli Tepe, Possible the World's Oldest Stone Temple
September 28 - October 1, 2014

twinkle2.gif (912 bytes)Due to numerous requests we've changed the itinerary for this Sacred Sites Journey to TURKEY
to include more visits to ancient Goddess temples.

his Sacred Sites Journey to TURKEY is open to 16 people.
We must have 10 people registered for this journey by August 1, 2014 in order to be able to operate it.
Please make your plans and reservation early!
Registration closes August 14, 2014 or sooner if the group fills before that date.

Turkey-Ephesus_ArtemisDiana.jpg (10886 bytes)

With Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
Shamanic Practitioner and Researcher/Teacher of the Goddess Tradition
and Ancient Megalithic History & Director of Sacred Sites Journeys

Andrea led our last spiritual pilgrimage to Turkey in April 2012.

Journey with other like-minded sacred travelers to ancient temples and powerful Goddess sites in Turkey!
The image of the divine as female is as old as humanity.
The Goddess was prevalent in all known cultures in prehistoric times.
Archaeologists have unearthed artifacts related to Goddess religion that are 30,000 years old!
Here in ancient Anatolia, you'll explore Her sacred sites and be enfolded by the loving arms
of this timeless “Nourishing Mother". 

goddess_spiral.jpg (35788 bytes)

This awesome gem of a sacred travel destination offers you the unique opportunity to visit
many ancient sites of the
Sacred Feminine!

Her traces are not only present here for you today, but are as vital and compelling as they were in the past!

Visit and explore these ancient sites of the Sacred Feminine!
Uncovered from the sands of time, these potent Goddess sites will bring the Divine Feminine alive for you!

ISTANBUL: The St. Sophia Museum (Hagia Sophia) the Chora Church, dedicated to the Divine Feminine.
Turkey-Istanbul-HagiaSophia3.jpg (16276 bytes)    Turkey-Istanbul-ChoraChurch-5.jpg (15900 bytes)

GE and TERMESSOS: Temples
to Artemis
Turkey-Perge-Nymphaeum-2.jpg (22803 bytes)      Turkey-Termessos-ArtemisTemple.jpg (28991 bytes)

DEMRE/MYRA: Temple of Artemis Eleuthera
Turkey-Demre-ArtemisEleuthrajpg.jpg (8684 bytes)

LAGINA: Hekate Sanctuary
Turkey-Lagina-TempleOfHecate.jpg (11552 bytes)

APHRODISIAS: Temple of Aphrodite
Turkey-Aphrodisias-AphroditeTemple.jpg (9303 bytes)

MILETUS: Temple of Athena
Turkey-Miletus-TempleOfAthena.jpg (15501 bytes)

(Photo above is an artist's reconstruction.)

PRIENE: Temple of Athena
Turkey-Priene-TempleOfAthena.jpg (21750 bytes)

EPHESUS: Temple to Artemis Diana
Turkey-Ephesus-ArtemisDianaTemple-Model.jpg (18321 bytes)
(Photo above is an artist's reconstruction.)

PERGAMON: Sanctuary of Hera and Temple of Athena
Turkey-Pergamon-SanctuaryOfHera.jpg (6800 bytes)    Turkey-Pergamon-Acropolis.jpg (12447 bytes)

ASSOS: Temple of Athena
Turkey-Assos-TempleOfAthena.jpg (9012 bytes)

TROY: Temple of Athena
Turkey-Troy-Reconstruction-TempleAthena2.jpg (15251 bytes)
(Photo above is an artist's reconstruction.)

For more information about our August 2014 Sacred Sites Journey to TURKEY, visit:
Ancient Temples & Sacred Sites of the Great Goddess - September 14 - 28, 2014

new_spinning_button.gif (1455 bytes) NOVEMBER  2014: MALTA
Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Sacred Temples of the Mother Goddess
November 2 - 8, 2014
Post-Tour Extension for Writer's Group on Gozo Island
November 7 - 11, 2014

Malta-Hypogeum--SleepingGoddess.jpg (18715 bytes)

With Featured Speaker Debra Keil-Leavitt,
Author, Astrologer and Mythic Historian
Debra was a participant during our April 2013 tour to Malta. And has also been to Egypt with us!

This Sacred Sites Journey to MALTA is open to a group of 14 for the Main Tour and 5 for the Extension to Gozo.
The group is filling!
We must have a minimum of 10 people registered for this journey by September 22, 2014
in order to be able to operate it.

Registration closes October 3, 2014, or sooner if the group fills before that date.
In order to be assured of your place in the group, we encourage you to register NOW!

Explore and experience the powerful transformational energies
of the ancient megalithic Mother Goddess temples,
some of the oldest free-standing structures on Earth - over 7,000 years old!

Malta-GgantijaTemple-1.jpg (31426 bytes)    Malta-HagarQim-2.jpg (16012 bytes)    Malta-Mnajdra -1.jpg (24195 bytes)

Participate in meditations and ritual to step back in “time”
as you connect with the still palpable energies of these amazing sacred sites that were in use
when the Mother Goddess was center stage in the hearts and minds of the people who built them!

Malta-CartRuts-1.jpg (35024 bytes)

Also explore the mysterious ancient “cart ruts” that have been the subject of debate for hundreds of years
as to their origin, form and function - one of the most perplexing mysteries of ancient megalithic building technologies of all time!


Malta-Hypogeum-5.jpg (21670 bytes)

Private entrance for our group at the Hypogeum

For more information about our August 2014 Sacred Sites Journey to MALTA, visit:
Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Sacred Temples of the Mother Goddess, November 2 - 8, 2014

Sacred Journey of Initiation
at Pyramids, Temples & Chakra Sites along the Nile
November 2 - 16, 2014

Egypt-Sphinx.jpg (12151 bytes)

With Mark Amaru Pinkham
Astrologer, Shamanic Practitioner, Researcher & Teacher of the Goddess Tradition and Ancient Megalithic History
Author of
The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom
and four other books about the esoteric history of our planet.
and Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
Researcher & Teacher of the Goddess Tradition and Ancient Megalithic History
Mark and Andrea have been leading spiritual pilgrimages yearly to Egypt since 2000.

This Sacred Sites Journey to EGYPT is open to 16 people. The group is already half full.
Registration closes October 2, 2014, or sooner if the group fills before that date.
In order to be assured of your place in the group, we encourage you to register NOW!

The November 2014 Sacred Journey of Initiation offers you a unique opportunity to come to Egypt
for a life-altering experience 
that will transform you in many positive ways!

Egypt is the ancient home of the rites of spiritual initiation and dramatic transformation (alchemy).
Legends state that Thoth-Hermes brought these rites from Atlantis and then oversaw the construction
of numerous temples and pyramids throughout Egypt to facilitate them.

Thoth-Hermes.jpg (22107 bytes)

Our Sacred Journey of Initiation is scheduled to correspond to the period when these temples
will have their strongest impact on us.
At that time in November 2014 all the transiting planets will either be in Scorpio, the sign of initiation
and transformation, or will be intimately influenced by those that are.

Egypt-Djed-Ani.gif (24324 bytes)      
Like the enlightened initiates of old, our journey will commence as we enter the reactivated temples
and pyramids of Egypt and undergo special alchemical rites.
For example, in
Abydos, home of the Osirian Mysteries, we will study the alchemical hieroglyphs
which explain the process of initiation and transformation as the Osirian adepts once knew it.
We will also pay homage to all those initiates by visiting the adjoining 12,000 year tomb of the archetypal initiate, Osiris.

Our journey of transformation will be highlighted by the special rites and meditations observed
in the
Temple of Isis in Philae, the Temple of Sobek/Haeoris in Kom-Ombo, the Temple of Horus at Edfu,
Temple of Hathor at Dendera, and the Sekhmet Chapel and Temple of Ra in Karnak.
The final and most dynamic initiation will occur in the
King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid!
Finally, just as the Osirian adepts did thousands of years before us, each of us will rise resurrected from the "sarcophagus"
as spiritually reborn initiates in the most ancient tradition of Thoth-Hermes.

Egypt-Neters-Ani.gif (126444 bytes)

During our daily on-site meditations, you'll receive transformative initiations from the Neters
(the Egyptian Gods & Goddesses who are aspects of Nature and your own consciousness).

Egypt-Ankh1-Ani.gif (11660 bytes) Special Offerings in the GIZA AREA  Egypt-Ankh1-Ani.gif (11660 bytes)

Private Entrance for our Group!
Egypt-GreatPyramid-ResonanceBox.jpg (9992 bytes)
The GREAT PYRAMID for Meditation & Sacred Ceremony

Other Sacred Sites We'll Experience in and near Giza:

Egypt-Sphinx3.jpg (12968 bytes)
Meditation with the timeless energies of the ancient SPHINX, the oldest statue on our planet

Egypt-Dashur-RedPyramid.jpg (5523 bytes)       
Egypt-Sakkara1.jpg (11020 bytes)        Egypt-Serapeum2.JPG (10411 bytes)

Exploration and sacred sound healing experiences at the RED PYRAMID at Dashur
and at SAKKARA
, including the "Hospital", and the Serapeum

Special Offerings: LUXOR, NILE CRUISE and ASWAN
Egypt-Karnak-Sekhmet.jpg (4267 bytes)

Egypt-Karnak-AmunKhonsrMutRamsesII.jpg (21156 bytes)

Initiation at KARNAK TEMPLE into the Mysteries of Amon-Ra and Mut


Egypt-Luxor-LuxorTempleByNight.jpg (11938 bytes)
LUXOR TEMPLE: Explore the Symbolist Theory of the Temple of Man
and the
Third Eye mysteries of this ancient power spot at night under the starry Egyptian sky

Egypt-Luxor-HatshepsutTemple.jpg (9616 bytes)
WEST BANK: Initiation into the Divine Feminine Energies at Hatshepsut's Temple


Egypt-Luxor-ValleyKings.jpg (11908 bytes)
Explore the
Mysteries of Death & Resurrection in the ancient tombs in the Valley of the Kings

Osiris.jpg (11357 bytes)
Initiation into the Mysteries of Osiris at the Temple of Seti I

Egypt-Abydos-Osierion.jpg (9813 bytes)
Includes visit to the ancient pre-dynastic
Osireion, where you will see the Flower of Life

Egypt-Dendera-Hathor.jpg (7963 bytes)

Initiation into the Greater Mysteries of Hathor


Egypt-Dendera-Crypt-LightBulb.jpg (8470 bytes)     Egypt-Dendera-Zodiac.jpg (21715 bytes)
Includes visit to the Crypt and the Dendera Zodiac


Egypt-Edfu-Horus.jpg (4883 bytes)

Strengthen your Higher Self Connection through an Initiation with Horus at his Temple at EDFU

Egypt-KomOmbo-SobekAndHoaeris.jpg (10471 bytes)
Initiation with Sobek/Haoeris to Balance your Inner Light & Dark at the only dual temple in Egypt at KOM OMBO

Isis.jpg (14289 bytes)

PRIVATE ENTRANCE at the TEMPLE OF ISIS for an Initiation into Her Divine Feminine Mysteries

Egypt-Aswan-TempleOfKhnum.jpg (7883 bytes)
Khnum, the Divine Potter,
Initiation into Higher Levels of Creativity on ELEPHANTINE ISLAND

For more information about our November 2014 Sacred Sites Journey to EGYPT, visit:
Sacred Journey of Initiation, November 2 - 16, 2014


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With Mark Amaru Pinkham
Dates Available by Request

SedonaVortexTours.jpg (20766 bytes)

We invite you to experience the many sides to Sedona, both seen and unseen!
With its veneer of magnificent red rock formations, Sedona is also home to some of the
strongest energy vortexes and interdimensional portals on Earth.

It's also the site known in Hopi legend as Palatkwapi, the ancient City of the Star People.

Through shamanic ritual at its dynamic red rock vortexes,
Sedona Vortex spiritual tour guide Mark Amaru Pinkham
will reveal both the seen and unseen Sedona to you!
Because he is a long-time Sedona resident who's in tune
with the powerful vortex energies, he can easily help you to connect with them!

Half and Full Day Tours for Individuals & Small Groups - Dates by Request

BarPurple.gif (5420 bytes)

The Power of Travel to Transform Our Lives
By Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, Director of Sacred Sites Journeys

A person needs at intervals to separate from family and companions and go to new places.
One must go without familiars in order to be open to influences, to change.
If you let your fear of consequence prevent you from following your deepest instinct,
then your life will be safe, expedient and thin.
- Author Katherine Butler Hathaway

These are powerful words! When Mark Amaru Pinkham and I founded our sacred travel company in 1993, it was with the goal of supporting people to travel to sacred sites around the world for spiritual growth and transformation. In the past twenty years that we’ve been operating and leading our Sacred Sites Journeys groups, we’ve observed many positive changes in the lives of the people who travel with us. Below is the scenario you can expect if you decide to journey with us, though of course how it will play out in your life will be unique to you.

First of all, you will encounter the “call” to journey, often at a time when you may be at a turning point in your life. You will have a deep inner knowing that your sacred travels will benefit you in ways that you do not yet understand. Your affirmative response to this irresistible pull from your Higher Self, and the step you take to register for your Sacred Sites Journey will often create a whole new set of possibilities for your life. It offers a shining promise of both an exciting outer and inner adventure.

Once the decision is made to go on your sacred journey, and the registration is submitted to us to tell Spirit that you are making this commitment, the material provisions for your journey will appear. We have witnessed many miracles of Spirit over the past twenty years, as abundance has been bestowed easily, peacefully and joyfully upon our fellow travelers. God/Goddess will reward you too for your courage to undertake the journey, with both all the material and spiritual provisions you will need. The money will become available for you to pay for your journey. And spiritual provisions such as courage, cheerfulness, self-esteem, willingness to listen, mental clarity, tact, openness to change, generosity of Spirit, honesty, flexibility, and of course love will manifest in your life, for you to take with you on the journey.

At this point, you may want to ponder the personal goal of your journey, which is ultimately to bring back a higher and richer knowledge of yourself, that which makes you more whole. Knowing that you have within yourself the power to accomplish any goal that you set out to attain, you also know that it’s necessary to first set your goals for your journey. Keep them simple. Maybe write them down to take with you, so that you can look at them each day, maybe even several times a day.

Then comes the time to leave home and the familiarity of your everyday life, time for your spiritual pilgrimage - the Hero’s Journey to the Heart of your Being. On each of our
Sacred Sites Journeys we offer you the opportunity to experience the transformative energies of the world’s most important sacred sites. These power spots can induce profound changes in consciousness. When you come into contact with their higher frequencies, change does happen, whether you are aware of it at the time, or later. You can easily and peacefully let go of long held psychological and emotional blocks. We support and assist you to accomplish this through group and/or private meditation time, as well as through optional group ceremonies and rituals. By using these powerful spiritual tools to release, you become stronger and more complete. Born anew and ready to return home to face life in a new and deeper way, more aware of the fullness of your Self.

Then it’s time to return home, and not the same as when you left. Don’t worry, you’re still You! Just a new and improved You! It’s a good idea to give yourself a bit of time for re-entry and not rush back into your life. Allow a bit of time to reorder your life around the new You. Take time for the sacred undertakings you have received support you as you accommodate your enlarged identity. Establishing this new harmonious balance in your life is essential to the journey.

It’s also time to share your sacred travel experience with your fellow travelers. Stay in touch with your new
Sacred Sites Journeys friends and family. We’ve seen lifelong friendships and even several marriages develop out of our trips! It’s also time to share with your family, friends, co-workers, and sometimes perhaps even with complete strangers. As the ripples from your experience flow out into the web of life, you will be supporting others to listen to the call of their Higher Self and also make their Hero’s Journey to their True Self! What better gift can you give yourself and the world?

The excursions to sacred sites offered by Sacred Sites Journeys are not tours
– they are spiritual pilgrimages.

Ireland-Newgrange-SSJGroup-Sept2011.jpg (14533 bytes)   Egypt-Sphinx-Group.jpg (8758 bytes)      Peru-MachuPicchu-Group-Aug2012-Small.jpg (29032 bytes)  

Sacred Sites Journeys was founded to provide opportunities for seekers to travel to the world’s sacred sites
to undergo initiations just like the initiates of the past once did.
Through offering ritual, meditation, and other spiritual practices we are committed to creating
the energized environments that are most conducive to the healing of past traumas
and the activation (or further activation) of spiritual vision and abilities.
On a Sacred Sites Journeys pilgrimage you will not only be transported to a dynamic and exotic sacred site,
but to places within yourself that only the initiates of the past knew existed.

Visit this link for more information: Why Travel with Sacred Sites Journeys

BarPurple.gif (5420 bytes)

Are You Ready to Manifest Your Sacred Travel Dreams!

The Sacred Sites are calling you!
heart_starburst.gif (2471 bytes)
Will you open your heart, mind & soul and heed their call?

We can assure you that if you do, there will be life before your spiritual pilgrimage
and life afterwards...and that they won't be the same!
You will be changed forever in many positive ways as you encounter and engage
the ancient energies and esoteric wisdom of these important power spots during your Sacred Sites Journey.

So...Go For It!
Set your clear intent and then focus your consciousness during your meditations and sacred ceremonies.
The Universe will respond with the creative energy to manifest your chosen Sacred Sites Journey.

People have been manifesting their spiritual pilgrimages with us for 20 years now. YOU can too!

Travel with us in 2014 on an awe-inspiring transformational pilgrimage
to Easter Island, Egypt, England, Malta, Peru, Scotland, Sedona, or Turkey
that will enliven your Body, Mind and Spirit!

SSJ-LOGO-vers01.jpg (393040 bytes)

Visit our Dates and Destinations Page

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Sacred Sites Journeys is NOT affiliated with any other sacred travel company.
Other sacred travel companies offering spiritual pilgrimages similar to ours
are using our text and photos. We did not give them permission to do so.
We believe that karma is very efficient, and that those who are not in integrity
will swiftly reap the negative benefits of such actions.

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