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Founders of Sacred Sites Journeys

Andrea Mikana-Pinkham & Mark Amaru Pinkham

Andrea and Mark on the Giza Plateau in EGYPT

Andrea and Mark founded a sacred travel company in August 1993,
and have operated and led spiritual pilgrimages yearly since that time to the world's sacred sites.

Sacred Sites Journeys
Andrea is the Director of Sacred Sites Journeys,
as well as our Featured Speaker, Meditation Facilitator and Tour Director.
Mark is the author of An Initiates Guide to the Path of the Dragon,
Sacred Geometry and the Creation of the Universe,
Sedona: City of the Star People
and five other books about the esoteric history of our planet and the Goddess Tradition.
He is the Founder/Director and Lead Teacher of The Order & Mystery School of the Seven Rays.

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Our 2022 Sacred Sites Journeys

Andrea and Mark will lead our Sacred Sites Journey to PERU, June 26 - July 7, 2022.
Lake Titicaca Extension: July 7 - 10, 2022
Due to the pandemic, we're in the process of rescheduling the 2022 PERU departure to 2023.
Dates to be posted here soon!

PERU - 2022: A Spiritual Journey and Shamanic Retreat at Machu Picchu, Cusco & The Sacred Valley of the Incas

Andrea and Mark will lead our Sacred Sites Journey to IRELAND, September 4 - 13, 2022.
IRELAND - 2022: Spiritual Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites of the Emerald Isle

Andrea and Mark will lead our Sacred Sites Journey to EGYPT, October 16 - 29, 2022.
Sacred Journey to Mystical Egypt, Including a 6-Day Spiritual Retreat on the Nile October 16 - 29, 2022

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About Andrea Mikana-Pinkham

Co-Founder and Director of Sacred Sites Journeys
Tour Director and Featured Speaker/ Meditation Facilitator

AndreaMikana-Pinkham-April2012.jpg (35185 bytes)Andrea Mikana-Pinkham has over 25 years of experience in the sacred travel field. Her journey began in 1993 when she and her husband, author Mark Amaru Pinkham, founded a sacred travel company after their first trip to Peru, taken to complete the research for Mark's first book, The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom, which has since become a very popular classic. 

Andrea operated a sacred travel company for seven years, before teaming up with another sacred travel company in late 2000. She was the Director of the Sacred Journeys division of the company from that time until leaving at the end of 2008, to resume operating her own sacred travel company again.

Andrea is familiar with the operations of sacred programs on all levels. She directs the day-to-day tour-related operations. She also takes advance trips to countries where Sacred Sites Journeys offers tours, to meet with land operators, guides, hotel and restaurant owners, as well as local artisans, musicians and spiritual leaders. She creates, prices, advertises and promotes these sacred travel programs.

Andrea is the Tour Director as well as the
Speaker & Meditation/Sacred Ceremony Facilitator on Sacred Sites Journeys to the world’s most important sacred sites.

In 1995 Andrea Mikana-Pinkham began channeling The Kumaras during a journey to Mt. Shasta in northern California, the holy mountain that the Kumaras retreated to during the time of the destruction of most of Lemuria. A new era was dawning in Earth, so Andrea was chosen to be the mouthpiece for the important Messages that the Kumaras would transmit to evolving humanity. Since that time Andrea has been receiving regular messages which she typically has only shared verbally. Only now, in 2020, has she received the guidance to share them online  - The Kumaras Messages to Humanity.

Andrea is a teacher in the The Seven Rays Order and Mystery School She is a trained Andean shamanic practitioner, Reiki Grand Master of Ichi Sekai (One World) Reiki, and a spiritual counselor.

Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
is an avid practitioner of the Goddess Tradition and has re-connected with her hereditary and spiritual roots during the sacred journeys that she leads to Ireland, England and Scotland. Andrea passionately shares the teachings of Celtic Spirituality. She was initiated in Glastonbury as a Sister of Avalon by Koko Newport, Priestess of Avalon.

redball.gif (144 bytes) One World Reiki
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Andrea has worked in the holistic healing & personal growth field for many years. In 1988 she began her journey with Reiki, a hands-on natural healing system. In 1991 she became a Reiki Master Teacher in this healing modality and founded a system that synthesized older and newer systems. Since then she has taught in the U. S. and South America.

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Peru-Andrea-Children-TamboMachay.jpg (142316 bytes)redball.gif (144 bytes) Other Study and Service

Since 1993 Andrea has studied in Peru with various Andean ritual specialists and is a Mesa Carrier in the Inca Spiritual Tradition. She is a member of two Andean esoteric societies, the Brotherhood Sisterhood of the Solar Disc and the Brotherhood of the Sun. Andrea also supports programs in Peru to aid children and their families.

In addition, Andrea has studied for many years in the indigenous Ojibway Medicine Tradition with Medicine Woman Keewaydinoquay from Garden Island, Lake Michigan, and is adept at leading ceremonies to connect with the Earth and Her wisdom. Egypt-Andrea-TempleOfIsis.jpg (13543 bytes)

Her diverse background includes membership to the Fellowship of Isis. Andrea has a strong connection with Isis, as well as Hathor and Sekhmet. During the spiritual pilgrimages to Egypt, she offers sacred ceremony and meditation at each temple, to connect with these and the other Neters in the vast Egyptian pantheon.

Andrea received initiation as a Sister of Avalon at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England from Koko Newport, Priestess of Avalon.

Embracing the Divine Feminine aspect in many cultures, Andrea is a student of Mata Amritanandamayi, the Divine Mother from India, and for many years facilitated weekly satsangs in her home, leading chants and meditations.

redball.gif (144 bytes) Radio & TV Interviews

Andrea has been a presenter at various expos, including The Whole Life Expo.
She has appeared on various radio and television programs.

In 2009 she was the Host for Sacred Sites Journeys weekly internet Radio Program.  

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To listen to previously aired programs listed below, click on the links.

PERU (Part 1): The Inca Spiritual Tradition & Machu Picchu
Guest: Dr. Jose (Pepe) Altamirano, SSJ's spiritual tour guide in Peru.
To listen to an Mp3 recording of this program,
Click here

ENGLAND: The Sacred Mysteries of Stonehenge and Avalon
Guest: Nicholas Mann, author of Energy Secrets of Glastonbury Tor and The Isle of Avalon
To listen to an Mp3 recording of this program,
Click here

PERU (Part 2):The Sacred Valley of the Incas & Lake Titicaca,
including the Stargate of Aramu Muru's Doorway
Guest: Dr. Jose (Pepe) Altamirano, SSJ's spiritual tour guide in Peru
To listen to an Mp3 recording of this program,
Click here

SEDONA: Mysteries of the Sedona Vortexes
Guest Host: Mark Amaru Pinkham, Sedona Resident & SSJ vortex tour guide in Sedona
To listen to an Mp3 recording of this program,
Click here

Email Andrea at

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About Mark Amaru Pinkham

, Astrologer, Co-Founder & Featured Speaker of Sacred Sites Journeys

redball.gif (144 bytes) The Seven Ray Order & Mystery School

The Seven Ray Order and Mystery School
is a mystery tradition that has existed since the dawn of humanity.
These ageless mysteries and their wisdom are resurfacing now.
They are needed on a much larger scale than ever before as many seekers on Earth
are now provided the opportunity to learn many lost teachings
and alchemically rise to a new level of expanded spiritual awareness.
The revival of the rainbow symbol of the Seven Rays is also important now.
It represents all races and countries that are destined to reunite into
a one-world humanity in the near future.

Mark Amaru Pinkham is the Founder/Director and Lead Teacher
For more information:
The Order and Mystery School of the Seven Rays

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Books by Mark Amaru Pinkham

For information ABOUT MARK'S BOOKS: Books by Mark Amaru Pinkham

redball.gif (144 bytes) Retreats with Mark Amaru Pinkham

The Dragon Master Training - Level One
 the powerful and transformative Red Rock Country of Sedona, AZ USA.
Future dates to be announced!
For more information,
Click here

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astro_virgo.jpg (13857 bytes)

Mark is a professional Astrologer with over 40 years of experience.
He offers in-depth readings in both the Western and Vedic or Hindu
- also known as Joytish - systems of Astrology.
Mark’s readings, which are both practical and spiritual,
provide unique information regarding a person’s karma and spiritual destiny. 

For more information about an Astrology Reading with Mark, Click Here

Email Mark at

For those of you on FACEBOOK, Mark has an Astrology Page.

AstrologyWithMAP-FB-CoverPhoto.jpg (31179 bytes)

He posts current astrological information several times weekly. Check it out!

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Guardians of the Holy Grail Internet Radio Show

GHG-RadioMasthead.jpg (110324 bytes)

To listen to previous broadcasts, visit

More About Mark...

redball.gif (144 bytes) Life Experience

Mark has been gathering the wisdom contained within his books since 1976 when, at 21, he traveled across Europe and Asia to India. He resided for seven years within the ashrams of the yoga and meditation master Swami Muktananda. During that time Mark intensively studied the Hindu scriptures, as well as the wisdom compiled by the Theosophists of India regarding the secret history of Earth. Since 1996, Mark has been a student of Mata Amritanandamayi, the "hugging saint" from India, and has resided in her ashram in south India. 

Since 1990 Mark has been involved in intensive research regarding the secret mysteries of the Earth’s esoteric history. During this time Mark has been initiated into two Andean esoteric societies, apprenticed to a master shaman in Peru, and helped lead an expedition in search of a secret monastery in the Andes. While leading tours he is  continuously gathering new information about the esoteric origins and the lineages of spiritual teachers that have guided humanity’s spiritual destiny.

Mark has spoken at many conferences and seminars during the last 26 years that are too numerous to mention here.

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