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Sacred Journey to Avalon & Beyond
May 19 – 26, 2019

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Tour Registration is Closed for our 2019 Sacred Sites Journey to ENGLAND!
Our group is full!

On May 19, 2019 our group of sacred travelers will meet at
London's Heathrow International Airport for the beginning of
this Sacred Journey to Avalon...and more!

Our next Sacred Sites Journey to ENGLAND will be
In Search of the Holy Grail, May 31 – June 7, 2020
With John Lundwall, PhD, Author of Mythos & Cosmos: Mind and Meaning in the Oral Age
Wendy Vander Velde, PhD, Arthurian Studies and Myths
Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, Director of Sacred Sites Journeys

Followed by an Optional Extension to Wales: Earth Mysteries and Ancient Sites, June 7 - 13, 2020

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Experience and explore some of the most powerful sacred sites on Earth
during this spiritual pilgrimage to Stonehenge (Special Access Entrance inside the circle!),
Glastonbury - the Isle of Avalon, Avebury,
Silbury Hill, West Kennett Longbarrow and more!

England-Stonehenge-5.jpg (15916 bytes)

Experience the powerful energies and understand the esoteric significance
of the mysterious stone circles and other power spots
that will come alive for you, as you
walk the ancient pathways
and connect with the rich legacy of the
Celtic Goddess Tradition and its Avalonian Mysteries.

England-Glastonbury-Paul'sPainting-1.jpg (13613 bytes)

Participate in meditations and sacred ceremonies to connect with this ancient land, the Ancestors & the Divine Feminine!

twinkle2.gif (912 bytes)PRIVATE ENTRANCEStwinkle2.gif (912 bytes)

STONEHENGE - Special Access Inside the circle!
NOTE: Normally if you visit Stonehenge, you walk around the circle on a walkway many feet away from the stones.
Through joining a group such as ours you are able to be inside the circle to experience their powerful energies!
England-Stonehenge-3.jpg (11969 bytes)

GLASTONBURY: The Chalice Well, fountainhead of the Red Spring
   England-Glastaonbury-ChaliceWell-2.jpg (21657 bytes)

GLASTONBURY: Goddess Temple with Lynne Orchard, Priestess of Avalon

Glastonbury-GoddessTemple.jpg (18872 bytes)


World-famous Avebury, Silbury Hill and West Kennett Longbarrow, all a part of the ancient temple landscape
of the Salisbury Plain, where you will experience the powerfully transformative and palpable energies
that have endured at these ancient sites for centuries!

England-SilburyHill-July2009-1-Sm.jpg (12264 bytes)

Glastonbury Tor  - Transcend the veil of time and place
and connect with the lingering energies from ancient Avalon!

England-GlastonburyTor-1.jpg (12399 bytes)   

The Well House for the White Spring

Glastonbury Abbey

England-Glastonbury-Abbey-1.jpg (8562 bytes)


Cadbury Castle - Camelot
England-Somerset-CadburyCastle-Wiki-Sm.jpg (6008 bytes)


Walking Tour of the older parts of the Georgian city center

England-Bath-RoyalCrescent.jpg (16685 bytes)

The Roman Baths

England-Bath-RomanBaths-2.jpg (17738 bytes)

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Spiritual Tour Guide & Ceremonialist: Michael Orchard
Researcher/Teacher of the Goddess Tradition & Ancient Megalithic History


Michael has lived and worked in Glastonbury, otherwise known as The Isle of Avalon, for over 30 years. He has always had a love for the ancient history of the place and all the myths and legends associated with it. Over the years Michael has visited many sacred and historical sites throughout the British Isles, and is fascinated by the cultures of the ancient people of these lands.

For many years, Michael together with his wife Lynne, was the Guardian of one of Britain’s most well known and sacred sites, the famous Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, one of the legendary resting places of the Holy Grail. Here Michael personally welcomed thousands of pilgrims from around the globe, and helped them to understand and to feel the special energies and legends of the holy well and its healing waters.

Michael is a good communicator, and on his tours brings the history alive through a skillful combination of myth, history, and local folklore seasoned with some good West Country English humor.

Michael is also an accomplished Ceremonialist and will be facilitating ceremonies during our spiritual pilgrimage at the sacred sites that he knows and loves. Michael’s philosophy of tour guiding is to give his groups some background information and then to allow folks to feel the energies and the spirit of the place themselves. There is always time to sit under a tree, to touch an ancient standing stone, to have a prayer or a wish, or to dowse some earth energies. And after all the excitement of a new place, there is usually time for a cup of tea or a spot of retail therapy as well! Michael looks forward to meeting you and guiding you through some of the wonders of ancient Britain!

Ceremonialist: Lynne Orchard
Priestess of Avalon

Lynne Orchard is a Priestess of Avalon who lives in Glastonbury. She has been a Priestess since 2002. She became an honorary Priestess after being the Guardian of the sacred Chalice Well in Glastonbury for many years. In her time as Guardian of the Well, Lynne, together with her husband Michael conducted many sacred ceremonies, celebrating the wheel of the year, handfastings, blessings, rites of passage, naming ceremonies, and initiations. Since leaving the Well in 2005 Lynne has continued to do ceremonial work and to deepen her connection with the Isle of Avalon and to honor the presence of the Goddess and divine feminine within the landscape.

Lynne also works deeply with people as a therapist, helping her clients find their wholeness and integrity through a spiritual approach to grounded bodywork. She works primarily with essential oils and massage, and with craniosacral therapy.

Lynne has traveled to many sacred places in the world and her core belief is to honor the earth and all living beings as a manifestation of the divine play. Lynne uses ritual and ceremony to invite you to join her in entering the world of the Goddess and to embark on a journey of deep transformation.

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May 19 - 26, 2019

Day 1. Sunday, May 19. Arrive Heathrow; Group Transfer to Glastonbury:
Group Meeting; Welcome Dinner (D)

England-Glastonbury.jpg (20250 bytes)    PilgrimsBandB-Garden.jpg (31669 bytes)    PilgrimsBandB-Room.jpg (12081 bytes)    PilgrimsBandB-Sanctuary.jpg (18051 bytes)
L to R: Aerial view of Glastonbury, Pilgrim's B and B - Garden, Room, Meditation Room

This Sacred Sites Journeys tour is LAND ONLY. You are responsible to book your international flights to and from London's Heathrow International Airport. IMPORTANT: Please book your flight to arrive by 8:00AM, so that you will have time to clear Immigration, Baggage Claim and Customs and transfer to Terminal 5  (if you do not arrive there) for our 11:00AM group meeting and transfer. NOTE: If you’re not able to arrive by 8:00AM, we suggest that you fly in a day early. There are several airport hotels where you can spend the night. This will also assist you to overcome jet lag and be rested for the beginning of your spiritual journey.

10:45AM - Meet Michael Orchard, SSJ's local tour representative, in the Arrivals Hall at Terminal 5, with a Sacred Sites Journeys sign.
11:00AM - Group transfer departs London's Heathrow Airport via motorcoach to Glastonbury. Stop along the way for a quick snack.
Mid Afternoon - Arrive Glastonbury and check in at Pilgrims Bed and Breakfast. Free time to rest and relax.
6:00PM - Group Meeting and Introduction to Glastonbury/Avalon with Guides Michael & Lynne Orchard at Pilgrims. Location to be announced on arrival.
7:00PM - Welcome Dinner - a delicious and nutritious catered buffet at Pilgrims.
Overnight Glastonbury. Pilgrims Bed & Breakfast.

Day 2. Monday, May 20. The Abbey, Glastonbury Tor and the White Spring (B)

England-Glastonbury-Abbey-1.jpg (8562 bytes)   England-GlastonburyTor-1.jpg (12399 bytes)  
L to R: The Abbey, Glastonbury Tor and the White Spring

8:00AM – Breakfast
9:00AM - We depart for a guided tour of Glastonbury Abbey with Michael. This was the birthplace of Celtic Christianity, and grew to be a powerful pilgrimage site. Many people believe that the Holy Thorn tree that can be seen in the grounds originated from Joseph of Arimathea's staff. Graves thought to be those of Arthur and Guinevere have been unearthed here. Wander the ancient grounds with Michael, exploring their mysteries. You'll also have some time for individual reflection and meditation.

Afterwards you have free time for lunch is on your own.

2:00PM - Then you're off walking to visit Glastonbury Tor. Rich in legend and mythological associations, the Tor may have been a place of ancient ritual. The terracing on the slopes of the Tor may be the remains of an ancient observatory, a seven-tiered sacred mount, a great three-dimensional labyrinth, a ceremonial way to the Otherworld. At the top of the Tor stands the remains of the Medieval St. Michael's Church, dedicated to Archangel Michael. Take the footpath to the top to enjoy its sweeping view of the Somerset countryside. Take time to gaze at the landscape; you can see for miles. You will have time for individual meditation to connect to these powerful energies.

5:00PM - Afterwards continue to the nearby Well House for the White Spring, at the foot of The Tor, next door to the Chalice Well. From its heart under the Tor, the water still rises and falls in profusion, presenting one of the greatest mysteries of the Isle: two different springs, the Red Spring touched red from iron and the White Spring, which is actually several springs that arise from the Tor. Entering the Well House represents a powerful symbolic jouney from and through the darkness into the light, with the healing waters of the White Spring flowing through it. The Celtic Goddess Brigid, the Lady of Avalon, is the guardian whose ancient presence pervades this sacred space. During the visit, Michael and Lynne will lead the group in a Sacred Ritual.

Return walking to the B and B. The remainder of the evening is free time. Dinner is on your own.
Overnight Glastonbury. Pilgrims Bed & Breakfast.

Day 3. Tuesday, May 21. Chalice Well Private Entrance; Free Time;
Private Ceremony at Goddess Temple (B)

England-Glastaonbury-ChaliceWell-2.jpg (21657 bytes)           England-Glastonbury-GoddessTemple.jpg (14311 bytes)

L to R: Cover of Well Head at Chalice Well the Goddess Temple

7:00AM – Breakfast.
7:45AM – Depart for a Special Private Access Entrance at the Chalice Well, a pilgrimage site for many thousands of years for those seeking physical and emotional healing from its iron-red waters, thought by some to represent the blood of the Goddess. During the Middle Ages and in the 18th Century Glastonbury gained a great reputation as a place of healing, and the Well was one of the centers where pilgrims came to take advantage of its curative powers. Today the waters of both the Red Spring and the adjoining White Spring still have a reputation for their cleansing, healing and transformative qualities. Like pilgrims who have come here since ancient times seeking physical and emotional healing from its iron-red waters blessed by the Goddess, we too may receive our healings! At the bottom of the garden we stop at the pool that has water flowing into it through a series of flowing steps from the body of the Goddess Herself. We then continue to the main well, with its cover in the shape of the Vesica Pisces, one of the most fundamental symbols of sacred geometry, symbolizing the Sacred Marriage, the divine union of the male and female energies. Here at this ancient sacred place, Lynne and Michael will lead a meditation to reflect on Divine Union.

Afterwards you have time to explore the grounds on your own, before returning with the group to town. Lunch is on your own. You have free time to rest and integrate from your morning's energetic connections.

Have an early dinner on  your own, or plan to have snacks at the B and B after the ceremony at the Goddess Temple.

6:45PM - Leave Pilgrims to walk to High Street to the Glastonbury Goddess Temple for a
Goddess Ritual and Meditation with Priestesses of Avalon Lynne Orchard and Katie Player. They will offer our group a special initiation into the age-old Goddess Mysteries that are connected to this area of ancient Avalon. What special Gift of Spirit will The Lady bestow upon you? What wisdom will She gently whisper to your Heart? Come in openness and humility...and receive!

Return walking to the B and B. Overnight Glastonbury. Pilgrims Bed & Breakfast.

Day 4. Wednesday, May 22. Bath: Walking Tour of the City; Roman Baths (B)

 England-Bath-BathAbbey.jpg (19419 bytes)     England-Bath-PumpRoom.jpg (19178 bytes)    England-Bath-TheCircus.jpg (24408 bytes)   
L to R: Bath Abbey, the Pump Room, the Circus

England-Bath-RomanBaths.jpg (22494 bytes)    England-Bath-SulisMinervaStatue.jpg (16859 bytes)
L to R: The Roman Baths; Statue of Sulis/Minerva

8:00AM – Breakfast. Then you have some free time this morning.
10:45AM – Depart for Bath, a World Heritage Site since 1987. The city has a variety of theaters, museums, and other cultural and sporting venues.

11:30AM - Noon: Upon arrival enjoy lunch on your own.
1:00PM - Michael will lead a walking tour of the city, which may include some of the following:
1) The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, commonly known as Bath Abbey
2) The Grand Pump Room, in the Abbey Church Yard, designated as a Grade I listed historic building.
3) The Circus, consisting of three long, curved terraces designed by the elder John Wood to form a circular space or theatre intended for civic functions and games.
4) The most spectacular of Bath's terraces, the Royal Crescent, built between 1767 and 1774 and designed by the younger John Wood. Later this afternoon visit the Roman Baths complex, a well-preserved Roman site for public bathing. The Roman Baths themselves are below the modern street level. There are four main features: the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House and the Museum holding finds from Roman Bath. The buildings above street level date from the 19th century.

Afterwards depart back to Glastonbury. You have free time. Dinner is on your own.

Overnight Glastonbury. Pilgrims Bed & Breakfast.

Day 5. Thursday, May 23. Silbury Hill, West Kennett Longbarrow, Avebury (B)
England-SilburyHill-July2009-1.jpg (8740 bytes)
    England-WestKennettLongbarrow-Exterior.jpg (13964 bytes)     England-WestKennettLongbarrow-2.jpg (11252 bytes)     EnglandAvebury.jpg (19017 bytes)
L to R: Silbury Hill, West Kennett Longbarrow, Entrance to West Kennett Longbarrow, Aerial view of Avebury

8:00AM - Breakfast
9:00AM - Depart to explore and experience more of the local sacred sites and ancient mysteries! We begin at the huge and mysterious Silbury Hill, a grass-covered man-made chalk mound that is the biggest prehistoric artificial mound in Europe. Evidence from radiocarbon dating indicates that Silbury was constructed about 4,400 years ago in the Neolithic period.

Next walk across the highway to West Kennett Longbarrow,
a Neolithic tomb or barrow, one of the most impressive and well-preserved burial chambers in Britain. Archaeologists classify it as a chambered long barrow; It has two pairs of opposing transept chambers and a single terminal chamber used for burial. The entrance consists of a concave forecourt with a facade made from large slabs of sarsen stones which were placed to seal entry. The construction of the West Kennet Long Barrow began about 3600 BCE, which is some 400 years before the archaeologically-determined first stage of Stonehenge, and it was in use until around 2500 BCE. This was at the same time as the great stone circle at Avebury was begun, and may signify a change in the focus of belief and religion.

Then continue to Avebury World Heritage site. After a stop for lunch on your own at the site's cafeteria, the visit begins. Avebury is one of the world's largest and most complex monuments of the Megalithic Age, an ancient Druidic initiation site of immense standing stones. Two avenues of about 100 megaliths run out from Avebury. Today its mysteries are still being explored and solved by multi-disciplinary scholars in archaeology, science and ancient religion. As there are lunar and solar ley-lines that cross in this area, connect with these powerful energies through ritual facilitated by Michael to balance our own masculine and feminine energies.

Time for some Retail Therapy at the Henge Shop, before returning late afternoon to Glastonbury. Dinner is on your own.

Overnight Glastonbury. Pilgrims Bed & Breakfast.

Day 6. Friday, May 24. Stonehenge – Private Entrance; Free Time in Glastonbury (B)

England-Stonehenge-Aug2014-Med.jpg (10919 bytes)
Private Entrance inside the circle at Stonehenge!

      England-Glastonbury1-Czwerenczuk.jpg (20795 bytes)    England-WearyAllHill-FromGlasstonburyTor.jpg (11499 bytes)    England-Glastonbury-BridesMound-jpg.jpg (8633 bytes)   
L to R: High Street in Glastonbury,Wearyall Hill, Bride's Mound, Magog & Gog

8:00AM - Breakfast

You have free time today to explore Glastonbury on your own. You can also enjoy retail therapy as you wander along High Street. Lunch and dinner is on your own.

Time to be announced - Be ready to depart to Stonehenge.
Time to be announced - Depart to Stonehenge
8:00PM - Special Access entrance inside the circle. There is much debate as to the age of Stonehenge, as well as who built it. History says that the site was begun in the agricultural Neolithic Age and was completed in the Early Bronze Age by early Britons known as the Beaker Folk, so called because of beakers, drinking vessels, found in their grave goods.

Those who are sensitive to this massive temple claim that the megalithic blocks are constantly radiating tremendous amounts of energy. During your private time in this most ancient of sacred sites Michael and Lynne will facilitate a special ritual and meditation among the magical stones and their powerful energies. What ancient secrets will be revealed to you? What will be your Gift of Spirit that you will eeceive? Open your heart, mind, and soul…and receive! Return to Glastonbury.

Overnight Glastonbury. Pilgrims Bed & Breakfast.

Day 7. Saturday, May 25. Cadbury Castle; Free Time; Farewell Dinner (B)

England-Somerset-CadburyCastle-Wiki-Sm.jpg (6008 bytes)
Cadbury Castle

8:00AM - Breakfast
9:00 AM - Depart to visit nearby Cadbury Castle, an ancient hillfort that is a scheduled monument located on a plateau surrounded by ramparts on the adjacent slopes of the limestone Cadbury Hill. Known locally to aficionados of the Arthurian legends as Camelot, this is a place of legends. If there was an historical Arthur, he is most likely to have lived in the 5th or 6th centuries, and this is just the sort of hilltop stronghold that he would have inhabited. The first known reference to Cadbury as Camelot is from the antiquarian John Leland who, in 1542, wrote: "...At the very south end of the church of South-Cadbury standeth Camallate, sometime a famous town or castle…. The people can tell nothing there but that they have heard say Arthur much resorted to Camalat..." As you walk among this ancient ruin, take some time to reflect and meditate upon the ancient ones who built it, and lived and died here. What message do you receive?

Noon - Lunch is on your own with the group at the Camelot Pub at the foot of the hill.

Afterwards we return to Glastonbury. You have more free time this afternoon to rest and relax or for some final individual exploration.

7:00PM - Enjoy the group Farewell Dinner, as you say your fond Good-byes to your fellow pilgrims.
Overnight Glastonbury. Pilgrims Bed & Breakfast.

Day 8. Sunday, May 26. Group Transfer to London Heathrow Airport (B)
Morning group transfer to London's Heathrow International Airport.
Details to be provided in the final tour itinerary.
(IMPORTANT: Please book your flight to depart AFTER 2:00PM. Thank you.)

Note: This itinerary is subject to change due to conditions beyond our control.


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SacredSitesJourneysRadioPromo.jpg (14010 bytes)

From the Archives
ENGLAND: The Sacred Mysteries of Stonehenge and Avalon

Guest: Nicholas Mann, author of Energy Secrets of Glastonbury Tor and The Isle of Avalon
To listen to an Mp3 recording of this program,
Click here

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A Few Words from Sacred Sites Journeys Pilgrims to ENGLAND

England-Glastonbury-TheTor-Group-June2012.jpg (16100 bytes)    England-Bath-BishopsPalaceGardens-Group- June 2013.jpg (17487 bytes) 

  England-Glastonbury-GoddessTempleGroup-Aug2014.jpg (17901 bytes)   England-GlastonburyTor-Group-July2015.jpg (15474 bytes)

Some of our recent Sacred Sites Journeys groups in ENGLAND
L to R: June 2012, June/July 2013, August 2014, July 2015, October 2017

What was truly amazing and magical were each and every moment with Michael and Lynne. Michael had the entire trip so well planned and so many marvelous stories to share. I felt as if I was with long lost friends and intend to visit them again soon, even if just myself. He told so many marvelous stories that I hope to write them down. Kudos to Sacred Sites Journeys for having every thing so well planned. You did an amazing job! The private accesses and flow of areas visited flowed magically and each built on the previous. I felt completely loved and cared for and was able to just let go into the magic of the place. Thank you so much! - A. Ford - FL

Thank you, Andrea, for creating such a wonderful trip for us. Michael and Lynne were the perfect guides and ceremonialists and made so many things extra special. - R. Gonzalez - IL

England-WestKennett-Silbury-Group-July2015.jpg (15405 bytes)Michael Orchard is a national treasure! His knowledge of the history of the various sites we visited helped them to come alive for all of us! His supportive, compassionate and gentle manner he displayed with each person in the group assisted us all to create a group synergy that was both safe and dynamic. Michael and Lynne, our Priestess of Avalon, led profoundly spiritual rituals and meditations. We were all able to easily connect with the Ancestors, the various Gods & Goddesses, as well as those places within ourselves that were calling for transformation. Andrea Mikana-Pinkham is a seasoned and very able tour director who made sure that everything went very smoothly, so that we had time at each site to make our connections, as well as have free time to enjoy Glastonbury. Thanks so much to all of you for a lifetime spiritual adventure that I'll never forget! - Anonymous by request

England-GlastonburyTor-Group-2006.jpg (11843 bytes)Glastonbury/Avalon is a beautiful and magical place – a sacred site in and of itself, and near to so many other sacred sites in England. I would recommend this tour to anyone who is called to it. There is so much to explore and experience, from the ruins in Tintagel to the crop circles! The private entrances to the Chalice Well and Stonehenge were highlights of this tour for me. These are things that most people do not get to experience, and this is what makes Sacred Sites Journeys special. Koko Newport is a delightful and fascinating woman, and I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from time spent with her. It was also incredible to have Nicholas Mann as a speaker. His knowledge of the history and legends of Glastonbury/Avalon held us all in thrall during his lecture. I was privileged to have a reading with him. I hope to return to Glastonbury in the not too distant future, either as part of a tour or on my own, and I certainly will be interested in Sacred Sites Journeys to Ireland and Scotland, too! From there, who knows? The world has opened up to me! - Jeanne D., IL

England-SilburyHill-Group-July2009.jpg (10305 bytes)Traveling to Glastonbury is an experience you will never forget. This sacred land will transform you and your life. You will quickly understand why so many people have made pilgrimage to this sacred land over the ages. These sacred sites are powerful and breathtaking. From Stonehenge to the Chalice Well each place is uniquely inspirational and transformational.  And of course you are truly blessed to have Andrea serve as your guide. Helping others travel on these spiritual journeys is truly her love and it is reflected in all of her actions. It is her goal to help you have the most meaningful experience possible. Scared Site Journeys have helped me discover myself and created dreams I never thought possible. Thank you Andrea!  - Michelle Z, MN

The meditation at Stanton Drew was very peaceful and profound, and I thought one of the more spiritual moments of the tour. I can’t say enough good things about Clare & Brian and Pilgrims Bed and Breakfast in Glastonbury! Wonderful! - Anonymous by request

England-Stonehenge-Group-2006.jpg (10630 bytes)
The spiritual pilgrimage to Glastonbury was excellent! My most meaningful experiences were at Stonehenge, the Chalice Well, and inside the crop circle. Andrea did an excellent job as our Tour Director, and facilitator of the meditations. AND, the food at the welcome dinner was really good!
Vicki K, OH

Glastonbury is an amazing place that touches everyone. The B&B was PERFECT. The hosts were very friendly and yet accommodating and professional. Weren't we lucky with the weather? Koko Newport was also wonderful. She was relaxed, well informed, and made us feel like family at her business site with meals and hospitality. She was also excellent in letting nature take its course----friendly, while dropping little nuggets of wisdom when asked. - Beth G, WI

England-ChaliceWell-Group-2008.jpg (14684 bytes)The sacred journey was a great introduction to Glastonbury and its many gifts. It had the right amount of scheduled time with ample free time. I found Andrea to be very conscientious of the individuals and the group, without trying to micromanage or force and experiences.
The provided information left room for my own conclusions and perceptions to integrate in the way it was meant to. This was the perfect combination of introduction and detail to help one start the integration process into the Magick and mysteries of our foundations.   The experience was a beautiful and fulfilling experience that opened my eyes to new things. Humorous, fun and intellectual - my mind was fed  and I was left wanting more information, more experience and more time. I thoroughly enjoyed the Nicholas Mann's visit and discussion; his kind, compassionate and integrity of  manner inspired me to think, to feel and most importantly - to remember.
- Jennie K, ME

This Goddess-oriented journey was all I could have dreamed of and more. It was a healing pilgrimage for myself and my soul. The visit to the Chalice Well and the ritual with Koko were very meaningful and moving for me. Stonehenge and the Tor were exceptional! I loved Andrea's perceptions, and also her channeling session. Made a lot of sense!  I felt she was very plugged into all of us and our issues. She was a ray of sunshine! - Raven M, ME

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Your Sacred Sites Journey to ENGLAND Includes:
- Roundtrip group transfers between Heathrow International Airport and Bed and Breakfast in Glastonbury (Note: If you do not fly into Heathrow and/or do not meet the group for the transfers, then you are responsible to make your own arrangements for this transportation to and from your B and B. There is no refund for not taking the group transfers.)
- Transportation in air-conditioned motorcoach
- 7 Night's accommodations in First Class
Pilgrims Bed & Breakfast
- Daily breakfast (special diets accommodated)
- Welcome and Farewell Dinners (special diets accommodated)
- Sightseeing tours as per itinerary, including entrance fees
- Escorted on arrival at London Heathrow Airport by
Tour Guides Michael and Lynne Orchard
- Pre-Paid Gratuities for driver/guide, waiters at group meals, etc.

- Travel in a smaller group of other spirit-centered people
- Spiritual Tour Guide and Ceremonialist: Michael Orchard
- Ceremonialist: Lynne Orchard, Priestess of Avalon
- Ceremonies & meditations at sacred sites facilitated by Michael Orchard and Lynne Orchard
Special Access group entrance at Stonehenge for sacred ceremony and meditation
- Private group entrance at the Chalice Well, with sacred ceremony facilitated by Michael Orchard and Lynne Orchard
- Private group entrance at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, with sacred ceremony facilitated by Lynne Orchard, Priestess of Avalon


- Roundtrip international flight to England (Arrive/Depart London Heathrow Airport)
- Meals not included, as indicated in the itinerary
- Cost to obtain valid passport
- Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, internet access and telephone calls. Any item that is not specifically detailed on the Sacred Sites Journeys website or final trip itinerary

celticbar-blue.gif (13461 bytes)

All pricing listed is in U.S. Dollars.

This tour is LAND ONLY. You are responsible to book your international flights to and from London, England.
ARRIVAL: Please arrive in London at Heathrow International Airport on Sunday, May 19, 2019 by 8:00AM in order to connect with our 11:00AM group transfer from the airport to Glastonbury.
DEPARTURE - For your departure at London's Heathrow Airport on Sunday, May 26, 2019, please book your international flight to depart at 2:00PM or later.

SACRED JOURNEY TO AVALON AND BEYOND (MAY 19 - 26, 2019): Per Person, double occupancy, land only:
$1,479.00 - for payments via check or bank wire
$1,557.00 - for payments via PayPal

ROOMMATES: Would you like to meet and make a new friend on your journey? If you're not traveling on the journey with anyone you know, and would like for SSJ to try to match you up with a suitable roommate, we'll be happy to try to do so. Over the last 25 years we've been operating these spiritual pilgrimages we've seen many people become friends for life. (As well, we've had several marriages result from people meeting on our journeys.) Be open! Be flexible! It will be a rich and wonderful experience!

Single Room Supplement:
$395.00- for payments via check or bank wire
$416.00- for payments via PayPal

We've been able to open up space for more single room bookings. If you want your own private room throughout the journey we encourage you to book NOW to assure that arrangement.  

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Tour Registration is Closed! Our group is full!

On May 19, 2019 our group of sacred travelers will meet at
London's Heathrow International Airport for the beginning of
this Sacred Journey to Avalon...and more!

Our next Sacred Sites Journey to ENGLAND will be
In Search of the Holy Grail, May 31 – June 7, 2020
With John Lundwall, PhD, Author of Mythos & Cosmos: Mind and Meaning in the Oral Age
Wendy Vander Velde, PhD, Arthurian Studies and Myths
Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, Director of Sacred Sites Journeys

Followed by an Optional Extension to Wales: Earth Mysteries and Ancient Sites, June 7 - 13, 2020

If you'd like to receive information when it becomes available,
we invite you to sign up to receive our monthly e-newsletter at
We will not sell or share your information with any other company or individuals.
You can easily un-subscribe at any time.
You will receive a valuable coupon that you can use to save money when you travel with us
in the future on one of our Sacred Sites Journeys.


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Sacred Sites Journeys are smoke-free sacred travel experiences.
All forms of tobacco, as well as e-cigarettes are not allowed at any time.
Thanks for your cooperation.

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Or, call our office at 888 501-3853 (Toll free in the US) or 928 284-1429

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NOTE: All photos and text on this webpage are the Copyright of Sacred Sites Journeys.

Sacred Sites Journeys is NOT affiliated with any other sacred travel company.
Other sacred travel companies offering spiritual pilgrimages similar to ours
are using our text, photos and some of our testimonials. We did not give them permission to do so.
We believe that karma is very efficient, and that those who are not in integrity
will swiftly reap the negative benefits of such actions.

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